BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Done - in the end the dual position eligibility for Drew won the debate. Fingers crossed he now gets a game.


Don’t worry, he is safely in my keepers…


The real irony is that I flipped a coin between Scott and drew !


@comebackhirdy is up


Despite @Ivan clearly having stolen my paperwork re Bailey Scott (lovely pick, mate), I’m very pleased with Rowbottom at this pick.

I had Caldwell, Duursma, Butters and Rowbottom noted at pick 8, with Cousins in the mix if I went mature.

Getting Rozee’s dual bookend positioning meant I was more comfortable with a pure C at this selection.

This kid is solid, wins his own footy, has some pace and despite limited game time in JLT has scored at roughly 1 point per minute. I think he’ll get a chance at Sydney and may even earn a ‘F’ at some point.


Damn! Blakey.


Welcome aboard Captain Fantastic.

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What time are we suspending the timer tonight?

I’m pretty recked after the op and won’t be able to stay awake late.


Completely understand. Timer will pause at 10pm. I don’t have a pick until the 60s so happy to take contingencies.


I am out until pick 78 so can someone text me when it gets close. watching my shortlist get smashed is just depressing so I am going to go AFK


Thanks for that. I will see how close we are to my pick and how i’m holding up. If i can’t i will pm you my picks.



Damn you @Laverde2Langford


You up


Reviewing the players left. Didn’t bother making a list. I would have cried crossing them all off.


let’s do this Wez!


Done! Youre up.


34 is a luxury.


You did well with Graham at 34 though! He was the other player I had left in the mix at 34. Going into his 3rd year he could be ready to step up big time.


Done, Francis Watson. Needed a back at this pick and had hoped for Cummings. Watson put up some very good numbers jlt one and has some years of development into him already. Hopefully his luck has turned injury wise. Sheppard got a knock to the neck yesterday so maybe a spot opens up. I’m not sure West coast are overflowing with running defenders anyway so hopefully he gets some chances. Who is next?