BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


@Maxx - your go


Not sure who’s next but it’s there go lol


@ivan is up


I’ve drafted Lincoln McCarthey.

career best numbers in the jlt, there might be a spot for him this year at Brisbane if he stays fit.

@The_Melkman you up


Over to @TrevorBix


Edit: too late. You’re up @No_5


How many you got left @saladin ?




3, i think.


I’m just wondering when you’re picking Marty?


We heard he may have toured some other facilities. All’s fair though.




We are officially 2/3rds done. Great job. On track for a finish before the weekend, which would be great so I can enjoy my time in Langkawi!




@wezza now


What happens if your list is full
And you’ve got picks left?


The draft is set with 32 picks due to potential LTIs. After everyone has taken 10 picks coaches with eligible LTIs will pick as determined by @saladin.

Then once we are done with that I’ll randomly list players to fill the 32 players on each to complete the draft. After that I will finalise the draft before removing the undrafted players from your squad. Then you will have your squad of 30 to select from for round 1.

Clear as mud?


Struck ‘Gold’ in both leagues, fog?