BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion




Mav Weller.

Over to @DonToDeath

How is the recovery going?


Not too bad thanks ivan. Quite sore, bit of swelling and very tired but that’s all to be expected. Cheers.

@The_Melkman good pick imo.

@TrevorBix is up.

That’s me done for the draft. Good work all.


Feels like my draft is just about to start with 6 picks between 135 and 162 coming up!


geez goodluck.


I have my 30. Do I just pick randos?


I will do it once we get past the LTI picks - which are now listed at the bottom of this page


Any danger @TrevorBix?


He’s still running simulations. Will probably waste another pick though.


I apologise for my tardiness.


@No_5 is up, and he better not mess around.


Thanks Bix that takes someone off my list.


then you will agree he should have gone top 5.


This is my first year and to be honest I didn’t get my head around the list I was given.

So I’m expecting a big drop this year but am hopefully going to build a list that I want over the next few years.

Good luck everyone.


Have one person left on my list for this pick. Will @saladin take my man?


My only advice would be that these sorts of preseason admissions are frowned upon, and you should work at your baseless arrogance if you want to make it around here.


All yours, @redbull


@Come_Back_Hirdy you are up


You’re up @ivan


Hughes was my next pick.