BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


It’s a nice selection. Sadly my list is soooo young at this point I just have to bank a few guaranteed scorers list I start getting strikes or delisting kids for scorers

As such… Scott Thompson.

Over to you @The_Melkman




Wtf! Outrageous drafting behaviour.



The @fogdog trotters are up


I feel ill again. Yuck.

@Crazy_Bomber you’re up


I don’t mind the Crocker pick. Interesting player, but not an easy side to get a game.


His JLT fantasy form has been solid. Hoping his scoring takes the next step, it has hovered in the 50s the past few years.


I’ll pick soon, just got home.


It’s hard to believe you guys have been grinding away all day.



Sorry, I was having a BATH WITH SOME WINGS


How da fck does this league have like 10 available rucks and all are plebs?


I have absolutely no idea where to go with my next 3 picks

Very slim pickings




At least you’re not in a position where you’re still worrying about having donuts Rd 1 because of the youth of your squad.

I would have like to go younger deeper into the draft but it just isn’t possible considering the donut rule


At that’s me done. Back to you @redbull

I’m a bit frustrated by where I’ve landed here. Felt i really had to go for a few more senior types the further I went because at this stage the squad is still thin for reliable first choice players.

Hopefully a few of the young guys start to establish themselves as regulars so I can pick a few more young guys next year confident in the knowledge that my first 18 is already there


Yep I’ve taken the opposite approach with that pick. Have my one token Bomber on my list now.

Welcome Dylan Clarke.


The only thing that keeps me going is knowing I can cut half my squad after Round 1.


Waiting for @TrevorBix to work his magic.


I’ve picked again.

@saladin I’m just about to walk into a meeting. Assuming you’ve picked I will take my pick when done.