BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Draft wrap

Pick 4 Bailey Smith - best rookie mid in the draft after Walsh I suspect though needs some time to adjust to the pace.

Pick 18 Tom Papley - seriously considered cousins here but wasn’t confident Papley would make it to pick 22 and my forward line desperately needed a senior regular who can be relied on (though the same could be said of the midfield). Added to that, he looks set to spend time in the midfield and he is young and talented. Would he have made it to 22?

Pick 22 Bailey Scott - was after another young mid and after cousins went he looked to best available mid of the rookies.

Pick 34 Francis Watson - lightly framed but has some reach and his sole jlt appearance was impressive. Suspect he is too speculative though and I would have been better of going for Carlton’s Cuningham who I think looks set to get regular game time on a list thinly populated by talent

Pick 40 Ryan Bastinac - an attempt to secure some midfield cover with some upside, though I had him pegged a bit younger than he his. If he plays for the lions he’ll likely see plenty of time starting for me though. Seriously considered Willie Rioli here but thought I really needed the mid having already picked papley. Also considered David Myers.

Pick 112 Lincoln McCarthy - luckless middle-aged forward who scored well in the jlt. There is a bit of spring air hovering around the lions ATM and just maybe things will click for him.

Pick 118 Ed Vickers-Willis - a youngish defensive option that might see some game time as an in between defender with North having some injury issues down back. Never going to be the distributor style backline player we’re all looking for though but if nothing else hopefully provides a bit of cover.

Pick 130 Maverick Weller - has shown he can score ok at times but I’m not sure he’ll figure in Richmond’s best side. they gave him an opportunity in the jlt though and he contributed solidly. A mature player who hopefully will have some short term job security while a bunch of my youngsters do not. Likely Not a long term proposition

Pick 137 Scott Thompson - a guaranteed no donut player, nothing more. I have a couple of C/b’s earmarked to play down back but I have a young thin midfield so having a guaranteed starter here hopefully frees up Midfield cover too just.

Pick 148 Nathan Broad - basically the same as above but a little bit of certainty gets sacrificed for a little bit of upside.

Dawson and Cunico also got added as youngsters on the verge during the trade period. Ultimately if 4 to 5 of these guys guys became keepers I’d be pretty ■■■■■■ pleased.


Oh, Scott Thompson is suspended for Rd 1, so much for guaranteed donut cover


Done. Wow so many picks in one day for such little reward.



Also I will try to ge the LTI order in tonight so we can finish things off tomorrow.

Great job by everyone tonkeep things moving. We have smashed it.


@Crazy_Bomber you’re up first thing tomorrow. Or tonight. Whatever. I’m not a cop


LTI order now updated in UF






I’ve messaged Sal about getting Roberton on the LTI.

Is it too late to get another pick in the draft to replace him?




Also, just a reminder for times like this morning which move a little slower in the draft. If you are a couple of picks away and only have one pick in the next say 10 picks, then you can set ‘autopick if ranks’ and only have a few names on our ranking list.

That way when your pick comes up, if the guy on top of your ranking list is available, he will be autopicked and the draft immediately moves on. If you don’t have anyone on your ranking list, then the pick will default to manual.

Not saying people need to do this, but just a thought.


Strictly speaking, yes, it’s too late.

But given some extenuating circumstances (I’m assuming he was a ‘keeper’, Wez? I haven’t checked) such as the ‘injury’ occuring predraft but it’s nature being unclear until today , if other coaches don’t object I’d grant a compromise of the final pick in the draft. Ie - you’d have to wait until the LTI picks are done, not slot into them in ladder order.

To clarify to other coaches - this would give Wez a small advantage of not having to compete in the FA order post round 1.


I have no objection to wez being able to LTI him.


I’ve looked at who’s left in the draft pool and am very comfortable in saying that an extra pick is not giving wez any advantage.


thanks guys.
Making my regular pick now


@fogdog is up


Done. But no idea who is up now. Need to learn who the coaches of teams are.




I don’t object but full disclosure, Lachie foggarty is in limbo from his hip surgery mid Feb. It’s only clear that they don’t expect him to run until late March but I don’t know how that will translate as to games missed and as such I’m uncertain as to his eligibility for lti. I’d kinda determined to wait until the start of the season and then see if the cats were putting a clear time frame on his return.


The latest official injury list ( says 2-3 weeks for Fogarty, so unless that blows out he might be good to go fairly soon.