BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


I’ve just equalled my win tally from last year! Did someone say undefeated year?


Same. I’ve had two donuts with 2 sitting on the bench.

This was strange because i checked it afterwards and it seemed saved.


I’ve just had a swag of very very average scores. If Essendon don’t sort their Tish out, I’m cooked.

Well done, Melky


They know I’ve came


You will still win.


@DonToDeath still a big chance to knock me over. 3 players coming home against none with only 132 points to make up.


Nice debut from the Scott boy


Pretty pleased with Wil Powell’s debut for the club. Wanted him to play so I could avoid needing to take Balta’s 29. He did a bit more than that pumping out a 103!


.1607. Just give me the trophy already fellas…


I’m gutted. Terrible start but still could have pinched the win if my team saved.

Lost by 60 points with 2 players sitting on the bench.


Can I LTI Rance please?


BBFFL#2 Round 1 Results
redbull 1372 Defeated Don to Death 1319
Come Back Hirdy 1388 Lost to No. 5 1607
saladin 1273 Lost to The Melkman 1428
Birch19 1380 Defeated maxx 1110
Wezza 1494 Defeated Ivan 1356
Crazy Bomber 1118 Defeated Laverde2Langford 1078
Stoops 1370 Defeated Fogdog 1159
TrevorBix 1149 Lost to cafegerat 1190
The Ant 1138 Lost to Aceman 1191


BBFFL#2 Ladder after Round 1


You need to send a PM to saladin


Average start from a lot of my guns. Need Melbourne to get it’s act together


Genuinely gutted about the weekend.

Had a chance to notch up an early surprise win.


Solid enough start for my mob. Happy with Jack Graham’s 1st game.

Back line looking pretty thin though :confused:


Rance LTI granted.


Just a reminder for anyone wanting to select a free agent playing in the Richmond Collingwood game you need to PM me by 3pm Thursday Melbourne time. I will then allocate in priority order before the game starts tomorrow. Your priority ranking will also be adjusted accordingly.

This same process will apply whenever there is a Thursday night game.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Free agency announcement. Two bids were made for only one player.

Successful bid was as follows:


In - Oleg Markov
Out - Marc Pittonet

Please note the coach who missed out on Markov was made aware of me intended bid prior to the 3pm deadline.