BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


■■■■■■ hell. Fantasia injury cloud yet again!


No celebrations in the BIX camp, no honour in kicking an old war vet while they are down.


Shouldn’t that be “no celebrations coz we lost” ?


I swear I checked last night and I won. Must have been mid emergency updates. Did not realise Sam lloyd was a centre. No doubt he obtained that status about 7 pm yesterday evening.


Haha - we somehow managed to scrap over the line against you. The no ruckman problem you seem to always suffer saved me.


I am borderline about to pull the trigger on longer which makes me sick. Lobb going to freo screwed me, Darcy looked a lock before that.


I also dropped reilly. I am really bad at this.


When is the mid season trade dates again?


Will confirm shortly. Usually it’s around the bye rounds.


Ok, thanks.



Wow did not expect a Langford selection


Fridge! Hope he holds his place and scores


Sigh… only 14 players to choose from this week!

But I’ve put in 5 FA requests. Find out in 2 minutes if I got any of them.


A few lti additions ( Cunico and Lonie) has opened up space to speculate this week. Welcome to Fc Medina Oscar Baker, Dylan Clarke, and James Rose. Baker in this week for the dees who have some injury issues. Rose and Clarke on the selection fringe but edging closer and closer, hopefully it happens for then in the next few weeks.

Also, thanks for were service (1 game) matt buntine


I had a go at Baker, but knew I wouldnt be successful.

Picked up Ainsworth just now . Played another good game in the WAFL last night.


Also going to take a dip at Mitch hinge. Thanks for your service Ryan bastinac


BBFFL#2 Average Comparsions After Round 8


Well done to @maxx - after Round 8 his team’s average has improved the most relative to last season. @westozziebomber will also take some pride in seeing this given he commenced the rebuild. @No_5 and @Crazy_Bomber have also recorded significant increases so far.

At the wrong end of the table are last season’s Grand Finalists. I am doubtful many people would have had the two teams from last year sitting in 10th and 17th after Round 8 - but the fall in averages demonstrate why this is the case. @fogdog’s squad was always going to be behind the eight ball once Tom Mitchell went down but with several other key players injured the situation has gone from bad to worst. The players in @Redbull’s team may not be that different, but their form and scoring is a completely different proposition. Almost the entire squad has seen their individual scoring average go backwards. The other coach to suffer a significant fall is @Laverde2Langford. Injuries haven’t helped, but not avoiding donuts has been the biggest reason @51Bewick’s former teams is scoring 157 less points on average per game.


Mid Season Trade Period

To be consistent with previous season, I propose that the trade period open after Round 11 and close before the commencement of Round 13. This means it will open on Sunday 2 June, once the last game is finished and close on Thursday 13 June just prior to the commencement of the match between Adelaide adn Richmond.


BBFFL#2 Round 8 Preview
redbull (10) vs The Ant (12)
UF Prediction: redbull 1228 The Ant 1360
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: redbull LLWWW The Ant LLWLW
Last week: redbull 1319 The Ant 1450
Season Average: redbull 1363 The Ant 1322

Don to Death (13) vs TrevorBix (14)
UF Prediction: Don to Death 1382 TrevorBix 1294
Head to Head: Don to Death 3 TrevorBix 5
Last time: Don to Death 1290 Defeated TrevorBix 1140 Round 15 2018
Form: Don to Death WLLWW TrevorBix LWLLL
Last week: Don to Death 1326 TrevorBix 1304
Season Average: Don to Death 1318 TrevorBix 1265

Come Back Hirdy (8) vs Stoops (15)
UF Prediction: Come Back Hirdy 1339 Stoops 1291
Head to Head: Come Back Hirdy 3 Stoops 5
Last time: Come Back Hirdy 1360 Defeated Stoops 1192 Round 11 2018
Form: Come Back Hirdy LWLWL Stoops WLLLL
Last week: Come Back Hirdy 1288 Stoops 1314
Season Average: Come Back Hirdy 1416 Stoops 1262

saladin (9) vs Crazy Bomber (7)
UF Prediction: saladin 1508 Crazy Bomber 1266
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: saladin LLWLW Crazy Bomber WLLLW
Last week: saladin 1347 Crazy Bomber 1486
Season Average: saladin 1393 Crazy Bomber 1325

cafegerat (11) vs No. 5 (5)
UF Prediction: cafegerat 1332 No. 5 1334
Head to Head: cafegerat 1 No. 5 5
Last time: cafegerat 1157 Defeated No. 5 1130 Round 6 2018
Form: cafegerat WWLWL No. 5 LWWWL
Last week: cafegerat 1377 No. 5 1378
Season Average: cafegerat 1326 No. 5 1432

Fogdog (17) vs The Melkman (6)
UF Prediction: Fogdog 1200 The Melkman 1459
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: Fogdog LLLLW The Melkman LWWWW
Last week: Fogdog 1210 The Melkman 1491
Season Average: Fogdog 1198 The Melkman 1431

Laverde2Langford (16) vs maxx (18)
UF Prediction: Laverde2Langford 1080 maxx 1016
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: Laverde2Langford WLWLL maxx LLLLL
Last week: Laverde2Langford 959 maxx 1151
Season Average: Laverde2Langford 1181 maxx 1177

Ivan (4) vs Aceman (1)
UF Prediction: Ivan 1315 Aceman 1534
Head to Head: Ivan 0 Aceman 1
Last time: Ivan 1171 Lost to Aceman 1548 Round 12 2018
Form: Ivan WWWWW Aceman WWLWW
Last week: Ivan 1096 Aceman 1633
Season Average: Ivan 1303 Aceman 1405

Match of the Round
Birch19 (3) vs Wezza (2)
UF Prediction: Birch19 1539 Wezza 1447
Head to Head: Birch19 2 Wezza 7
Last time: Birch19 1436 Lost to Wezza 1485 Round 3 2018
Form: Birch19 WWWWL Wezza WWWLL
Last week: Birch19 1493 Wezza 1336
Season Average: Birch19 1480 Wezza 1514