BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


That Birch v Wez tussle should be riveting.


Really surprised that WC have brought Rioli straight into the senior team.


Need my forwardline to pull it’s finger out and I’ll be a show. Another performance like last week won’t cut it.

Langford in should help, he’s usually good for a 70ish.


Handy half by Yeo - on 87 at half time. Basically his average for the season


Fair to say the Dawson trade is exceeding even my expectations at the moment. Cunico having been injured all year evens it up though


My mids have finally found some form - but my backline is struggling big time this weekend. The contest against @The_Ant took a drastic turn in my favour when Josh Kennedy was a late withdrawal.


I’m getting smoked. Three losses in a row. Ouchies!


Yup. I thought I had another scalp.

And now I’m in trouble. That’s how fragile my team is.


Game on. Could be a cracker.

All emergencies are updated.


Yeah I’m looking pretty good unless Haynes and Fisher have monster 2nd halves. McEvoy having an abysmal game has helped your cause.


Your Richmond players had an awesome last quarter - they played their fingers out. Should be enough to get you home.


WTF. How did I get so close? I thought I was done and dusted!


■■■■. I play @Aceman next week too. 4 losses on the trot :sob:


Murphy injury killed me. Also hurry up and get back Steven!


Poor week for me. Only Zerrett tonned up. Take the win and move on.


You have players that tonne up?


Happy to come away with the win, forwardline still looks shaky, Langdon’s form has been down for a couple of weeks and a horrible game from McEvoy, still scored 1500+ and sneaked in with the win.

Of the top 8 have played Aces, Wezza, High Fyfe, O’Razzle and Melk for 3 wins, 2 losses. Plus wins against saracens and conargo both of whom are capable of big scores. Very happy to be 7-2 at this stage of the season given those opponents.


BBFFL#2 Round 9 Results

redbull 1479 Defeated The Ant 1131
Don to Death 1208 Lost to TrevorBix 1305
Come Back Hirdy 1326 Defeated Stoops 1235
saladin 1338 Defeated Crazy Bomber 1200
Birch19 1546 Defeated Wezza 1526
cafegerat 1349 Lost to No. 5 1447
Fogdog 1165 Lost to The Melkman 1430
Laverde2Langford 1224 Defeated maxx 1014
Ivan 1223 Lost to Aceman 1496


BBFFL#2 Ladder after Round 9



Foggarty another 100 in the vfl, 15 tackles. Bring him in cats!