BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Not surprisingly, I will be wanting a ruckman in the trade period.


Someone trade bix Reilly obrien


Could one of the league admins post the translation of team names to BB names in the League Manager Note on UF?



Hoping I haven’t made any errors…


You have nailed it. Thanks



Here are the position changes:



How da fark does Clarke get a +C , but Ziebell doesnt.


Clearly Ziebell hasn’t spent enough time playing in the midfield in the NEAFL.


Thanks :slight_smile:


Surprised and a little disappointed butters hasn’t gotten forward status


Don’t forget to PM Sal if you wish to LTI list someone.

With the mid season draft next we we are seeing players dropped like flies from lists or heading to the long term injury list.


Lycett out was always on the cards. Shuffled Marshall to the ruck, weighing up a couple of options up forward. Hopper and Acres on extended benches is some concern.

Pleased to see Marsh named for another match.


My backline recieves a big boast with the return of both Simpson and Milera. Frastrating that Gibbs is dropped again - his career looks toast. My forward looks likely to have a couple of wildcares in Daniel Wells and Ben Reid at this stage. There is a high chance both won’t see the entire game out.


The Gibbs thing is weird. He hasn’t been that bad but obviously they aren’t happy.


Yep I think they just are seeing better options in the middle. But then I can’t understand why he can’t return to the half back sweeping role he played for the first half of his career.


Settle down, it’s not that good :yum:


Not sure I can blame my spelling or my autocorrect for that one!


McEvoy’s injury is going to hurt, been in great form for me. Not sure i can replace him. Would love an in form forward or two.


No Cs at all in the FA pool means no FA bids for me this week!