BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


It’s a very barren looking free agents pool.


Sure is. Unfortunately it means I play three short too.


I might have a mid or two available come trade time.


I was shocked that I was able to pick up a playing R just now.


I mulled the idea over myself. But it would have meant given up a player I rate more highly. It will be interesting to see how he goes.


Yeah I considered it, but rolled the dice on Preuss getting some games


BBFFL#2 Round 10 Preview
redbull (9) vs cafegerat (11)
UF Prediction: redbull 1332 cafegerat 1383
Head to Head: redbull 5 cafegerat 1
Last time: redbull 1591 Defeated cafegerat 1398 Preliminary Final 2018
Form: redbull LWWWW cafegerat WLWLL
Last week: redbull 1479 cafegerat 1349
Season Average: redbull 1376 cafegerat 1328

Don to Death (14) vs The Ant (12)
UF Prediction: Don to Death 1388 The Ant 1388
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: Don to Death LLWWL The Ant LWLWL
Last week: Don to Death 1208 The Ant 1131
Season Average: Don to Death 1306 The Ant 1301

Come Back Hirdy (7) vs TrevorBix (13)
UF Prediction: Come Back Hirdy 1416 TrevorBix 1320
Head to Head: Come Back Hirdy 7 TrevorBix 1
Last time: Come Back Hirdy 1459 Defeated TrevorBix 1130 Round 18 2018
Form: Come Back Hirdy WLWLW TrevorBix WLLLW
Last week: Come Back Hirdy 1326 TrevorBix 1305
Season Average: Come Back Hirdy 1406 TrevorBix 1270

saladin (8) vs Stoops (15)
UF Prediction: saladin 1446 Stoops 1214
Head to Head: saladin 3 Stoops 3
Last time: saladin 1435 Defeated Stoops 1252 Round 12 2018
Form: saladin LWLWW Stoops LLLLL
Last week: saladin 1338 Stoops 1235
Season Average: saladin 1387 Stoops 1259

Birch19 (2) vs Crazy Bomber (10)
UF Prediction: Birch19 1472 Crazy Bomber 1208
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: Birch19 WWWLW Crazy Bomber LLLWL
Last week: Birch19 1546 Crazy Bomber 1200
Season Average: Birch19 1488 Crazy Bomber 1311

Fogdog (17) vs No. 5 (4)
UF Prediction: Fogdog 1127 No. 5 1400
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: Fogdog LLLWL No. 5 WWWLW
Last week: Fogdog 1165 No. 5 1447
Season Average: Fogdog 1194 No. 5 1434

Laverde2Langford (16) vs The Melkman (5)
UF Prediction: Laverde2Langford 1172 The Melkman 1397
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: Laverde2Langford LWLLW The Melkman WWWWW
Last week: Laverde2Langford 1224 The Melkman 1430
Season Average: Laverde2Langford 1186 The Melkman 1430

Ivan (6) vs maxx (18)
UF Prediction: Ivan 1306 maxx 945
Head to Head: Never previously met
Form: Ivan WWWWL maxx LLLLL
Last week: Ivan 1223 maxx 1014
Season Average: Ivan 1294 maxx 1159

Match of the Round
Wezza (3) vs Aceman (1)
UF Prediction: Wezza 1398 Aceman 1511
Head to Head: Wezza 2 Aceman 0
Last time: Wezza 1565 Defeated Aceman 1517 Qualifying Final 2018
Form: Wezza WWLLL Aceman WLWWW
Last week: Wezza 1526 Aceman 1496
Season Average: Wezza 1516 Aceman 1415




Was looking at my data today - you have lost the last 3 which equals your longest ever losing streak - think it’s 5 times you have done it now. So if @Aceman can get the job done he will help you set a new unwanted record.


Season fell in a heap so quickly!


The mere mention of matching the Bulls undefeated season was enough to send most of your squad into a scoring coma.


I’m done.


Daniel Wells rewarding me with drafting and keeping him until Round 10. 63 points in a quarter and half. I wonder how many points he has left in his season.


Oh no you didn’t… Wells off with a knee injury.


About 2 more points by the looks of things.


To be fair it was 4 more points.

Given its his knee I suspect its probably career done.


Clarke got a C because they made assumption fit their heat map evidence, even though the reality was different to what they assumed.

Obviously there was a bit of a buzz about Clarke’s job tagging Higgins so there is one game they know he’s played midfield. However his 4 games before being dropped were as a forward with midfield rotations…which actually works in his favour as UF only had him as a back, so the more possessions he gets in the F50 the better to prove he isn’t playing back…and given we know he played mid last round…then this data suddenly makes a lot of sense - he must’ve been playing midfield then too.

The greater distance between assumed position and assigned position makes things easier as there is less chance of getting pesky possessions in an area that will confuse them, which is only how I can assume they haven’t figured out that players who don’t receive any midfield rotations aren’t midfielders yet, despite having data from almost every single game to make a call from.


Jack Macrae is a shadow of his 2018 scoring self at the moment. Really need him to start pumping out 120 plus scores again.


Damn it’s nice to have Langford back in, played 5 games this year and only once been below 70. Given how crap most of my forwardline has been, he’s pretty much my messiah :P.

Caddy coming into some form doesn’t hurt either.


@cafegerat’s Carlton and St Kilda players turning it on and laying down a score to chase. Jarryd Lyons will have to play well to get the Bulls home.