BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


All emergencies updates now made.


Some awesome finishes coming up


Too good mate, not the best season for me so far.


Would have won, didn’t realise seedsman was back due to a busy week. mediocre year.


Here I was just thinking you were being nice to me


Comfortable win thanks to @Crazy_Bomber playing 1 short.


Thanks mate. I know the feeling about this season. My backhanded compliment at half time thankfully seemed to slow your boys down today.


@TrevorBix is just the Essington of BBFFL#2. Promises so much but has failed to deliver since 2012.


crikey! A one point win pending any adjustments!!?


BBFFL#2 Round 10 Results
redbull 1434 Defeated cafegerat 1377
Don to Death 1405 Defeated The Ant 1351
Come Back Hirdy 1377 Defeated TrevorBix 1357
saladin 1344 Defeated Stoops 1343
Birch19 1471 Defeated Crazy Bomber 1261
Wezza 1256 Lost to Aceman 1466
Fogdog 1168 Lost to No. 5 1348
Laverde2Langford 1151 Lost to The Melkman 1395
Ivan 1288 Defeated maxx 968


BBFFL#2 Ladder after Round 10



How the hell am I still 6th lol.

Just with the mid season draft, are those guys going to get dumped into the FA pool?


yes, they will be added to the game and the FA pool. Guessing likely this week. They will be the same as other restricted FAs and able to be claimed after teams on Thursday night.


Awesome so the strong teams will be able to get stronger!


Feel free to suggest an alternative method. I probably shouldn’t have just posted without opening it up to the floor for suggestions.

To my eye, there are two options:

  1. Put them into the restricted FA pool as normal. Picks would be as per the current waiver order.
  2. Have ourselves an optional entry mini-draft of our own, which would be reverse ladder ordered. This would be done manually on UF and would only include mid-season draft players.

Happy to run a poll with coaches on how they would like to handle the situation.


Its an interesting one. Maybe too late for this season, but should we introduce a mini draft - which is separate to the normal free agency.


Beat me to it. The more I think about the more the mini draft actually makes sense. It will be interesting to see if there are actually any players worth picking up though!


I think running a reverse ladder order would be the best idea as it would help those that need it the most.

However we have 2 coaches that are an issue atm.

1 has basicly abandoned his team the other isn’t updating his team with players that are available to play and leaving others that aren’t available in his 22.

That being said i still think reverse ladder draft for only mid season draft players is the best for the comp.

EDIT: We should also be able to pass picks if we would prefer to use that list spot for a RFA or FA.


Which ones?