BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


We definitely have one coach who is an issue. I have tried communicating with them a number of times the past couple of weeks without response. It is almost to the point where something needs to be done. I will give them one last opportunity this week.

All the other coaches are ok - I know there were a couple of issues on the weekend, but that happens from time to time.


I’m happy to play interim coach again if it’s required. Hopefully it isn’t though.


Okay. Lets just vote Bix out now.


For those interested we’re planning on releasing “The streak” to commemorate our 4 win undefeated streak to start the year.



I’m in!


So put a different way, does anyone object to reverse ladder order for a mid-season draft?


Well, I didn’t make any RFA requests the last couple of weeks because I wanted to protect my position for this round with the mid-season draft players.

I can certainly see the rationale for the mini draft idea but we should have decided on it earlier. The other thing is that the first coach with a selection might take a while to pick…

To be honest though I don’t really mind either way - I’ll definitely take a player who gets injured within a week whether I have pick 2 or 12


Seems a bit late to decide, kind of lets the lower teams double dip on draft position… in all honesty neither option is particularly fair, so shrug.


Reverse ladder order imo, pretty sure the lower teams need to double dip more than the top ones do. Can we do it reverse ladder order from last years final ladder? :cowboy_hat_face:


I’m fine with reverse ladder draft. Plenty of FA’s left in the pool


My thoughts.

Start the mini draft now on reverse ladder order and finish it before teams on Thursday.

Teams who decide to pick a player should have their RFA position updated, as there’s only 13 players available, not everyone can pick up a player if they all get picked.

Teams will need to draft and delist in pairs (unless have LTI slot free)


I think that’s actually a fair call. It a reasonable compromise that works for all. Only issue is how long we give coaches to make their choices.


Reverse order based on current ladder positions. No ruckmen are allowed to be taken until pick 5. Are there even any ruckmen?




Excuse my ignorance and naivety but who are the two coaches that are an issue?


There is only one problem coach. They appear to have disappeared - non responsive to emails and not active on Blitz for the past month. I have sent another follow up email today questioning if they remain committed given the impact it is having on the 17 other coaches.


I don’t want to step on any toes, and I hope the coach in question does decided to continue.

However, if I do need to step in I’d rather not miss out on a Mid Season draft player. Even if @redbull could select someone for that coach?

I’m guessing it’s a team towards the bottom so it would need someone badly.


My proposal for dealing with the midsession draft is based largely on the model proposed by @wezza. Coaches will be able to select in reverse ladder order. If the coach takes a pick their RFA will be amended to the bottom of the order. To ensure we get this wrapped up prior to team selection the time limit will be 4hrs per pick during the day. Normal rules regarding delisting a player to create a spot is needed.

Please let me know if you are strongly opposed to this suggestion. Otherwise I will let @Maxx know he has the pick of the lot.


I seriously considered mandate my RFA priority until this round but ultimately picked someone up. I think it’s a bit tough on those who may have adopted this strat. Perhaps Rd 1 could go in the RFA order with Rd 2 in reverse ladder order.

That might just be entirely to tricky.


There’s only 13 players so it’s unlikely there would be a second round!