BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


That there is only 13 would seem to be all the more reason to give those who have preserved their RFA priority first crack.

Look it doesn’t affect me either way, I probably will not be picking. Just throwing it out there


its tough because we’re making it up on the fly. I see the problems in both ways.

In the off-season we can decide which method is best


Because it’s a draft, I lean towards reverse order as a seperate entity to FA if possible. No idea if it can be done, but:

hold a minidraft in here where the coaches nominate the draftee/delistee.

Eg- pick 2. Fogtrotters. In- Pickett. Out - Macreadie

Start it at 6pm tonight. 2 hours maximum pick time per coach (might have to accommodate O/s coaches of course) , it’s done in 26-30 hours max.

Manually assign players when UF add them to system.

FA proceeds as normal at 11.59 Thursday night with existing RFA order preserved. That way those who have kept their RFA still have it and still have the same field.

Impossible to do?


We could do that and it’s skmilar to my suggestion. The only difference that I’m proposing is that coaches drop down the RFA order in an attempt to balance the two competing forces.


I won’t be participating in the draft but imo whatever is decided upon should weigh in favour of the teams lower on the ladder first as they are the ones that need the most help.


I think its the fairest thing to let the reverse ladder pick (so ignore their current RFA order), but then if they decide to pick someone then they go back of the queue for subsequent rounds.
Otherwise it’s double dipping and there’s not enough mini draft players.
I think there really is only going to be 4-5 max players picked anyway.


Players added to Supercoach already and will in all likelihood have the same positions in UF:

Josh Deluca - C
Mitch Riordan - C
Kyle Dunkley - C
Michael Knoll - R
Lachie Hosie - F
Ryan Gardner - F
Will Snelling - C
Jack Mayo - F
Cam Sutcliffe - C
Dillon O’Reilly - B/F
Marlion Pickett - C
John Noble - C
Cody Hirst - C


Wow look at all those mids!


Wait, so what/when we doing this?


To be finalised shortly - but over the next couple of days.


Will need to be completed prior to team selection.


All just to keep you in the loop - we have not heard from Laverde2Langford for a number of weeks here on Blitz and his team on UF has hardly been touched since the draft. Separately I have tried emailing him without success. Therefore the decision has been made to bring in our favourite interim coach in @vandrs as a replacement from now.


Vandrs to the rescue again!

He’s #PopsKelly


Nice one @Vandrs


Well I didn’t really want to see a repeat of last year but looks like I’m popping my head back into this league.

It may seem like a back flip from last year as I didn’t choose to continue with the squad I had, now run by Crazy, but it’s not. I actually really liked that squad.

I didn’t feel I had the time to do 2 teams justice so felt it better served to be assigned to a new coach who could.

I really enjoy watching what goes on in this league and am disappointed when things like this come up. I want this league to succeed just as well as BBFFL1.

So I wont be just taking over as interim coach, I’ll stick it out for as long as possible!!


With this locked away we will also move forward with the mid season draft.

@maxx has the first crack at the players available. The positions are yet to be finalised but they will be similar to these - the only changes will be the addition of any dual positions.

Josh Deluca - C
Mitch Riordan - C
Kyle Dunkley - C
Michael Knoll - R
Lachie Hosie - F
Ryan Gardner - F
Will Snelling - C
Jack Mayo - F
Cam Sutcliffe - C
Dillon O’Reilly - B/F
Marlion Pickett - C
John Noble - C
Cody Hirst - C

Rules for mid season draft

  1. Draft will officially commence at 9am tomorrow - to allow at least some notice for all coaches. This doesn’t mean the picks can’t start this evening.
  2. You will have 2hrs to make your pick in Blitz
  3. When making the selection a player will also need to be delisted or alternatively you need to state which LTI listed player you are replacing
  4. After your draft pick is taken your RFA priority order will be moved to the bottom of the order. I will manually allocate picks on UF once the players are listed
  5. should you fail to make a pick in your allocated time period or not wish to take a pick you can pass. This will result in your RFA order remaining unchanged
  6. Normal fee agency will take place post the naming of the teams.
  7. Any players that aren’t picked will become regular free agents with all other free agents.
  8. To ensure we have 26hrs of pick time before teams are released on Thursday the draft will run as follows (note all times are Melbourne times):
    -Wednesday 9am to 11pm
    -Thursday to 6am to 6pm
    The times for Thursday will be adjusted based on where we get to on Wednesday. The quicker picks are made the better.
  9. PMs should be sent if you are unlikely to be on Blitz

Let me know if you have any questions.


Oh wow!!! This squad is awesome!!


Sorry, which team have you actually taken. The manager notes doesn’t seem to have updated correctly


His team is called Laverde2Langford2Vandrs :rofl:


Which team is that

|Aces Aces|9-1-0|14199|12|
| Binked|8-2-0|14859|4|
| The Melkmen|7-3-0|14269|6|
| O’Razzle Dazzlers|7-3-0|14254|3|
| FC medina|7-3-0|12933|13|
| Wezza|6-4-0|14897|10|
| High Fyfe|6-4-0|14034|2|
| Saracens|6-4-0|13825|5|
| Conargo Bulls|6-4-0|13816|9|
| Knights of Columbus|5-5-0|13064|11|
| Hasselhoffs Yambag|4-6-0|13332|14|
| Dangerous Dons|4-6-0|13160|8|
| The Antrobus|4-6-0|13059|7|
| Notorious B.I.X|4-6-0|12783|18|
| Excitement Machines|3-7-0|12670|15|
| The Replacements|3-7-0|11825|1|
| fogtrotters|1-9-0|11916|16|
| maxx|0-10-0|11397|17|