BBFFL#2 2019 Discussion


Sorry I’m The Replacements which is the name bestowed upon me by redbull last year


Ah, of course


I’ll take Deluca for Austin thank you.


I’m pretty sure I know who @fogdog will take, but won’t say :wink:


Can I leave contingencies?


@fogdog selects Dunkley for Macreadie.


@vandrs your pick


Mitch Riordan for Shaun Grigg


@stoops is now up followed by @TrevorBix


Snelling for Mirra please


Sorry missed the start, won’t be long


Knoll for Darcy Cameron please (I assume the fact they drafted him means Cameron is done - someone else should pick him up based on the opposite)


It’s now @The_Ant’s pick.


I’m guessing you were spot on! Sentimental keeper!!


Sorry if you’ve already covered this, do we make the change on UF or will you do it manually??


They’ve just been added to UF, but are still restricted, so red or myself will be able to make the change.


BBFFL#2 Midseason Draft

  1. maxx - Josh Deluca (Carlton) – replaces Logan Austin
  2. Fogdog - Kyle Dunkley (Melbourne) – replace Harrison Macreadie
  3. Vandrs - Mitch Riordan (Gold Coast) – replaces Shaun Grigg
  4. Stoops – Will Snelling (Essendon) – replaces David Mirra
  5. TrevorBix - Michael Knoll (Sydney) – replaces Darcy Cameron
  6. The Ant - Cameron Sutcliffe (Port Adelaide)
  7. Don to Death - PASS
  8. cafegerat - Cody Hirst (Sydney) – replaces Devon Smith who is on the LTI list
  9. Crazy Bomber - Marlion Pickett (Richmond) – replaces Josh Rotham
  10. redbull - John Noble (Collingwood) - replaces Daniel Wells who is on the LTI list
  11. saladin - PASS
  12. Come Back Hirdy - PASS
  13. Wezza - PASS
  14. Ivan - PASS
  15. No. 5
  16. The Melkman
  17. Birch19
  18. Aceman

Remaining Available Players
Lachie Hosie - F
Ryan Gardner - F
Jack Mayo - F
Dillon O’Reilly - BF


I have just emailed @The_Ant - he has selected Sutcliffe. He will delist someone shortly.


I’m passing so @cafegerat is up.


I’ll take Hirst for Devon Smith, I have no idea why or anything about him.