Best 22 2019 - Round 1




Heppell and Merrett both started games on the bench this year


Brown and Smack both played some brilliant footy in the second half of the year but both in different ways.

Smack gets the nod for backup ruck and aerial ability?


Saad Hooker Francis

Gleeson Hurley McKenna

Zaharakis Heppell Mcgrath

Fantasia Daniher Smith

Parish Stringer Tippungwutti

Bellchambers Shiel Merrett

Langford Guelfi Myers Mckernan

Hi all, new to this forum and thought what better way to get involved than to buy in on the best 22!
Felt it was really difficult to decide on the last two spots in the team (Guelfi and Myers) but feel the rest of the team pretty much picks itself. Assuming Gleeson finds 2017 form, Francis continues to do whatever was working for him at the end of last year, and players like parish and mcgrath take on more responsibility. Then I can’t see this team changing too much


who really cares about the named starting positions?


It’s 2018. It is not 18 vs 18 anymore.


@ivan hit us up with your post Shiel best 22


FB Gleeson Hooker Francis
HB Mc Kenna Hurley Saad
C Merret Smith Mc Grath
HF Fantasia Mc Kernan Stringer
F Walla Daniher Laverde
R Belly Heppel Shiel
IC Myers Langford Parish Zaharakis

E Redman Begley Ridley


Best performed? At tackling yes. Accumulating possessions? No. Disposal efficiency? Haven’t checked.


B: Saad, Hurley, Gleeson
HB: Francis, Hooker, McKenna
C: McGrath, Heppell, Zaharakis
HF: Fantasia, Brown, Smith
F: Stringer, Daniher, Walla
R: Bellchambers, Shiel, Merrett

INT: Langford, Myers, Guelfi, Parish


I think you’ll find I did when he ANNOUNCED us.

But you know, seeing as you asked.

B: Francis - Hurley - Gleeson
HB: Saad - Hooker - McKenna
C: Zaharakis - Heppell - McGrath
HF: Fantasia - Daniher - Smith
F: Tippa - Smack - Stringer

R: Bellcho - Shiel - Merrett

INT: Langford - Parish - ??? - ???

??? - from Guelfi, Redman, Myers, Baguley, Begley or someone else who jumps out of the box


Agree, crazy we have that many locks.
I’d be pretty confident to name all of them. Only one I have slight concern on is Smack however it’s not even an issue as Stewart or Brown are the competitors and I have faith in them playing 2nd tall.
I think one of them question marks will be filled with an extra defender and the other is either a mid or fwd.


Geez we must be super ■■■■ if our best n fairest winner is such a ■■■■■■■ plodder.


Did not say plodder.

Ok who would you pick first out of Dev and Zerrett?


So we only have one spot in the midfield? Last time I checked there are 5 spots + a ruckman.


Gee you’re cranky over someone getting named on the bench. What does it matter? The way the game is played he’d be on in a matter of minutes anyway.


Well best 22s are somewhat pointless and it is a long off-season :slight_smile: .

Plus I don’t get how our best performed mid from this year is not ranked in the best 18. Just find it odd.


Fair enough.

Just for the record, he was named on the bench in round 21. But that was before his b&f win so we’ll let the coaches get away with that one. :smile:


I have paddy ambrose in our best 22.

Stewart once he regains his touch as well.

I dont think Walla as loved as he is, is an auto pick.

and I wouldnt be suprised to finally see Laverde feature. looked really at home when we finally got him on the park at the end of the season.


wow…for every statement you’ve made there.

But Walla in particular…who could you possibly bring in for him when we have no small forward depth?
Unless we draft in 2 guys who are immediate Fantasia’s, Walla is as locky as locks get.

Also remember that the coaches love him. After round 8 half of blitz wanted him dropped and/or thought one of his legs was that bad it was about to fall off. Yet the coaches had him top 10 in the crichton at that point.