Best 22 2019 - Round 1


Couldn’t find a spot in the starting 18 for our reigning best and fairest?

I got the same 22 players btw


Its best to spread your best players out, so the starting midfield and first rotation are not markedly different in ability.


Runs through the middle…high rotation


When does preseason officially start?


November 7 or so I would say. Not long now


Having a crack at how I like us.

Back 6. Not sure of who plays what line.
Ambrose Hurls Gleeson
Saad Francis Mckenna

Zaka, Heppell, Merrett, Shiel, Langford

Stringer, Smith, Daniher, Walla,Hooker, Fantasia

Bench: Mcgrath, Parish, Myers Laverde.

Probably a glaring omission but I think it’s balanced. Mckernan prob.


Redman - - - Hooker - - - Francis
McKenna - - - Hurley - - - Saad

Bellch - - - Heppell - - - Shiel
Smith - - - Merrett - - - Zaharakis

Fantasia - - - Daniher - - - McGrath
Stringer - - - McKernan - - - Walla

Gleeson, Langford, Parish, Baguley

Dea - - - Ambrose - - - Zerk-Thatcher
McNeice - - - Hartley - - - Ridley

Draper - - - Myers - - - Clarke
Guelfi - - - Laverde - - - Jok

Begley - - - Stewart - - - Ham
Gown - - - Brown - - - Mosquito

Long, Mutch, Mynott, Houlahan




Needs Joks


We know we’ve got decent backs & forwards if they stay fit & healthy. The only question is do we have a midfield that can win a flag?


with cameos from fanta, stringer & lav who play mostly forward.

If mcgrath & parish step up to A grade & Langford & Guelfi are consistent B graders, & we don’t lose any of the big 4 & bellcho plays a full season on 2 legs…bugger too many ifs.


If Zac Clarke is drafted as expected he would be an ideal replacement for TBC
I think our main concern is our chf and fb standing up
I mean Hurley and Hooker playing those roles at their best
We were badly outmarked deep in our defence this year
Francis will help but not quite big enough to play on some guys like Cox


I’m not sure I agree with any of that.


No one is big enough to play on Cox. Team defence as Rutten says, is the answer, cut off the supply.


Guelfi a bit stiff.
McGrath on the forward line…be good to watch.
Rotating Ambrose, Redman, Francis and Bagley will be the key. Does Francis play well forward?
Surely vfl team win flag next season.


You’ve dropped our 2018 most improved player from the AFL side.

Seems harsh.


Hard to argue against that AFL line-up, there’s a few players that are probably interchangeable - I see Redman gets a gig but there’s probably a few other players just as talented or worthy of a chance, but it’s probably just “insert favourite” here and proceed to shuffle if need be.

I’m not quite relaxed yet about Daniher, he’s got a long way to go yet and so I’m curious with him out of the side would you just bring in Stewart or would you need to shuffle a few players around?


Might have to pull Stringer out of the ruck. Maybe bring Raz and Tom back into the team.


If Daniher was out i’d be playing the Brown/McKernan combo before putting Stewart in. Brown proved to be way more reliable this year. Stewart just has to iron out his awkward kicking style and he’ll be back in. Hopefully gets it sorted over the preseason.


Baguley’s selection was the only one I really “um-ed and ah-ed” over

If Joe doesn’t come good, then it’s Brown’s position to lose imo


I think with Bags, he either makes the starting 18, or he gets left out.

He is the incumbent in that forward pocket role, and I personally felt he did a good job. Apart from age, I find it difficult to make an argument for replacing him.