Best 22 2019 - Round 1


I’m a bit different here, in that I think Jimmy Stewart has a lot to offer. Now I don’t know exactly what the big fellow was told to fix when they dropped him to the twos last year. I know even less about whether he fixed it or not. But I do know that at his age he should be continuing to improve.

If he does, then it might be Stewart takes the spot from Brown, rather than Brown doing anything wrong and losing it.

I’m probably being a bit optimistic.


B: Francis Hooker Saad
HB: McKenna Hurley Gleeson

MID: Zaharakis Heppell McGrath
RCK: Bellchambers Shiel Merrett

HF: Smith Daniher Fantasia
Fwd: Stringer McKernan Tippa

Int: Langford Parish Begley Redman

B: BZT Hartley Dea
HB: McNiece Ambrose Ridley

MID: Mutch Myers Ham
RCK: Draper Laverde Guelfi

HF: Houlahan Brown Mosquito
Fwd: Gown Stewart Baguley

Int: D.Clarke Mynott Long Jok

E: Lavender Z.Clarke

Selected both teams according to a preferred structure - which left no space for Lavender and Z.Clarke (I’m prioritising Draper/Gown) in the VFL.
Going with interchange spots as | 2mids | 1fwd | 1def |
I see the big match committee issues as:
Begley vs Baguley/Mosquito (can always dream)
Langers vs Myers
Gleeson/Redman vs Ambrose/Ridley
McKernan vs Brown/Stewart
Guelf/Laverde vs just about anyone & everyone


This is the best i’ve seen! With the possible swap out of Redman for Laverde, Myers, Baguley etc etc if needed for match ups/ different team structure.


Well done on all of that.

I just wanted to highlight the above. We might find our VFL side a bit tall in some games this year. I think it is the AFL side running with the 1 ruckman that is doing it. You still need ruck coverage for injury, but you don’t have a spot to play all of those guys.

Possibly it was just that Gown was too good to pass up at pick #60 that put that extra tall onto the list.




To anyone who has left Bags out of their side, just wondering what this is based on? Are you expecting his form to drop off next year or have you got someone else in mind who can play the defensive forward role better than he can? Because the way he played this year and the importance of that role to our side, he is a lock in my team. I reckon if you asked Tippa he’d say Bags is a lock too.


l would also have Brown and McNurnan ahead of Stewart based on thier exposed form this season. They offer a bit more than young James does. Training form may change that order.


Im with you guys…Brown works his backside off and is a solid kick for Goal


Brown is a very smart footballer and workhorse running wise which helps in providing an option / leaving space for others. Just been unlucky with injuries in his career.

If this year was the guide he’d be in ahead of Stewart for sure. Even more so given he can play back if needed.


Best 22 - Round 22

B: Gleeson - Hooker - Saad
HB: McKenna - Hurley - Heppell
C: McGrath - Shiel - Zaka
HF: Smith - McKernan - Fantasia
F: Stringer - Daniher - Tippa
R: Bellcho - Francis - Merrett

INT: Langford - Parish - Begley - Ridley


@ivan hit us with the good stuff


B: Gleeson, Hurley, Saad
HB: McKenna, Hooker, Francis
C: Zaharakis, Heppell, Smith
HF: Fantasia, Daniher, Tipungwuti
F: Baguley, McKernan, Stringer
R: Bellchambers, Shiel, Merrett
I: Myers, Langford, Parish, McGrath

Gleeson & Francis - I think they’ll be given first opportunity but hoping and expecting Ridley & Redman to put serious pressure on them.

McKernan - Battling it out with Brown & Stewart as the 2nd tall forward but I like the aggression he provides and can cover Belly in the ruck.

Guelfi - unluckiest player to miss, squeezed out by Shiel.

Laverde & Begley - I want to see them bang the door down before I select them.


It almost seems pointless. We are seeing a lot of consistency in the sides posted. It’s very unusual


The main spot that has conjecture is Baguley playing or not.

Whilst he performed well, assuming a fit squad I think we will choose to play the extra mid instead

Rolling all of Smith / Shiel / Zerrett / Parish / Zaka / McGrath through the fwd/mid rotation.


Based on the end of year form is Brown our best CHF?

His work rate and ability to keep impacting contests makes him very hard to keep out of the side.

Daniher will have to work to take his spot!


Not enough mosquito

B: Mosquito - Mosquito - Mosquito
HB: Mosquito - Mosquito - Mosquito
C: Mosquito - Mosquito - Mosquito
HF: Mosquito - Mosquito - Mosquito
F: Mosquito - Mosquito - Mosquito
Foll: TBC - Mosquito - Mosquito
Bench: Mosquito - Mosquito - Mosquito - Mosquito


Aboriginal players not good enough to ruck? RACIST


NLM? I’m not sure if he’s the argument for or against.


CD list ranking. EFC’s midfield still “average” …


Adelaide 1 2 3
Brisbane 3 14 9
Carlton 14 17 17
Collingwood 7 12 4
Essendon 4 4 10
Fremantle 17 16 16
Geelong 10 9 2
Gold Coast 18 18 18
GWS 11 7 5
Hawthorn 15 3 12
Melbourne 2 5 1
North Melbourne 13 11 6
Port Adelaide 12 6 14
Richmond 6 1 8
St Kilda 16 13 11
Sydney 9 10 13
West Coast 5 8 15
Western Bulldogs 8 15 7


Adelaide incredibly overrated there.

Richmond incredibly underrated.

Goes to further prove how worthless Champion Data actually is.