Best 22 2019 - Round 1


I rate redman and wanna fit him into the team somewhere, it’s going to be hard for him to crack into the team, competition for spots especially in the backline will be tough

B: Francis - Hurley - McGrath
HB: Saad - Hooker - McKenna
C: Zaharakis - Heppell - Martin (plz)
HF: Fantasia - Stringer - Smith
F: Tippa - Daniher - SMACK

R: Bellcho - Shiel - Merrett

INT: Langford - Parish - Gleeson - Begley

Emerg. Redman, Guelfi, Lav


Martin really does make a positive difference to the side.


Biggest improvement in the team will come from those that finally worked it out this year. Langford, Smack and Parish, (later in the year)… you can almost pinpoint the games where you saw it finally ‘click’ for them… when they finally realised what it takes to be an AFL footballer. Consistent performances from them, playing their roles, (Langs laser kicking into fwd 50, Parish as the tackling machine, smack the marking machine etc.) will make Shiel icing on the cake, not the difference.









RIDLEY, BEGELY, GUELFI, - I’d rather the the kids get more games into them, but looks like they will have to wait a bit longer.

Mckernan & Stewart , I guess, have to work their way back into it, as with Gleeson.

If one kid is ready to take the next step, it is Redman. Time to just play him, I think.

Colyer, baguley, or Guelfi, either one, smaller type, forward pressure role, more games under their belt, more experience, etc etc, seems to me will still get the nod, over one of the youngsters.

rather play the kids though.



Anyone who has Colyer in their best 22 is dreamin’.


A Francis M Hurley A Saad
C McKenna C Hooker M Gleeson
J Martin(:pray:t6:) D Heppell A McGrath
D Smith J Daniher O Fantasia
J Stringer S Mckernan A Tippa
T Bellchambers, D Shiel, Z Merrett

D Parish D Zaharakis K Langford M Redman


I reckon the midfield is almost certainly locked:
Heppell, Shiel, Merrett, Zaharakis, McGrath, Langford & Parish (I have Stringer & Smith starting in the forward line but they’ll obviously play mid too).

the 6th & 7th spot in defence are up for grabs, Redman, Ridley & Gleeson to fight for the last two spots. Locks would have to be Saad, Hooker, Francis, McKenna & Hurley.

I find it hard to see who will take the 7th spot in the forward line. Probably goes to one of Laverde, Begley, Baguley or Guelfi. I have McKernan at FF, but I am hesitant to say he has that locked because he is still unpredictable, and there is no reason why Stewart or Brown can’t take his spot. The locks are Walla, Daniher, Stringer, Smith and Fantasia.


Myers reading this thread


A lot of people here rate Begley a lot more than i do. Can’t see how he’s automatically best 22




This is pretty much it.

Not sure what will happen if Martin comes in. Not convinced Myers gets dropped though.


It will be somewhat linked to the fact that whenever fit, he has been the first of the kids picked for the senior side (excluding McGrath).

The coaches obviously like him.


I see Guelfi as an emergency in our best 22. Which would mean he gets a game just about every week


Pretty Exciting putting Sheil, Daniher and fully fit Raz into a best 22. Those 3 could be the podium of the B&F in future years.


And Houlihan is a forward.


B: Gleeson, Hooker, Saad

HB: McKenna, Hurley, Francis

C: McGrath, Shiel, Zaharakis

HF: Fantasia, Stewart, Tipungwuti

F: Stringer, Daniher, Smith

Foll: Bellchambers, Merrett, Heppell

Bench: Parish, Langford, Guelfi, Begley

Emerg: Baguley, Laverde, Ambrose, Redman


B: Saad, Hurley, McGrath
HB: McKenna, Hooker, Francis
C: Zaharakis, Heppell, Smith
HF: Fantasia, McKernan, Stringer
F: McDonald-Tipungwuti, Daniher, Guelfi
R: Bellchambers, Shiel, Merrett
INT: Parish, Langford, Gleeson, Myers

That is difficult! I think with Shiel coming in I’d be tempted to put McGrath back in defence. He plays his best football there, but that’s not to say he can’t push up through the middle either. I feel like I’ve missed an obvious name that should be in the team but anyway that looks strong right across the field. If Joey is fit again that attack is absolutely lit. Guelfi can play the Bags role down there.


This is how I’d like to see us line up

B: Saad - Hurley - Francis
HB: McKenna - Hooker - Gleeson
C: Zahrakis - Heppell - McGrath
HF: Fantasia - Daniher - Smith
F: Tippa - Smack - Stringer
R: Bellchambers - Shiel - Zerrett

INT: Parish - Langford - Myers - Redman

Guefli unlucky and first in, just think Redman produces a nice match of outside back/wing run.


Our best 22 has 5 past AAs and I think 5 future AAs. On paper playing to its potential it looks a little bit 2000ish. It’s a shame we’re inconsistent and haven’t quite nailed the modern game (yet).


B: Saad, Hooker, McGrath
HB: McKenna, Hurley, Francis
C: Parish, Heppell, Smith
HF: Fantasia, Stewart, Zaharakis
F: McDT, Daniher, Stringer
R: Belchambers, Merrett, Shiel
INT: Myers, Begley, Laverde, Guelfi

My two cents. Obviously a lot similar to a lot of other teams here. Points of difference are:

Backs: A lot of people have McGrath on the wing and Gleeson back. I think with Hurley/Hooker/Francis we are already dangerously tall. Gleeson tips us over the edge. McGrath is currently a questionable midfielder (I think he will become a good midfielder) and an excellent small back who stops his opponent and is very attacking with the ball. I think this turns two ‘not-quite-right’ players, into two ‘the time is right’ players. Start 2019 like this and see how they develop.

Mids: Seems to be a general consensus with most people. Play Parish in the midfield. He’s a midfielder. I’d play others (McD-T, Fantasia, McGrath) less in the midfield and maximise our strength in their starting positions - and hopefully prevent some injuries.

Forwards: Pretty similar to others. Zaharakis is obviously going to be playing through the mids, but he will have a time on the HFF and is naturally suited to it. To me, McKernan will not complement Daniher. They are too similar. Together, they will make the forward line worse. Daniher is better than McKernan, so McKernan misses out. The number two tall forward needs to complement Daniher, and that means being predictable, working up the ground, presenting, and being dangerous overhead when they double-team Daniher. To me, Stewart is still the most promising here. Willing to hear arguments for Brown, but this is how I would pick them round 1.

Bench: So much harder to pick than the starting 18. I think Myers is just in the team based on the average output of his last 10 games this year. He’s one dimensional to the extreme, but if he gets that dimension working, he’s in the side. Myers is in the side to the exclusion of Langford. Many will disagree, but I see them as too similar. They are slower than your average mid and are only average at stoppages. I hope there is improvement coming for Langford and I hope he ends up in side - but I wouldn’t pick him round 1. I like the best version of Laverde. He’s not our next best player not in the team - I think that’s one of Gleeson and Ambrose. Nor is he is one of the most promising young players in the team - I think that’s Ridley or Redman. Unfortunately, all four of those guys are competing for spots on the field that are well and truly filled. Asks some questions about list management, but I gather that’s a separate thread…

Anyway, Laverde offers some diversity. I’d pick him, just. Begley looks like he might have it. He’s probably not as good yet output wise as people he’s being picked in front of, but he’s a big, strong, not slow, good kicking potential-midfielder. And that’s what our team needs. So he gets picked. Guelfi gets picked last because he’s the only player left who can do a bit of everything. And that’s what this team needs. The temptation is to put in Ambrose or Ridley on the bench, because I think they’re better players, but as soon as the game starts and the mids start coming to the bench, the balance is screwed. We need more players like Guelfi. But better. Until we have them, I’d just pick the man himself.

tldr; ramble, ramble, ramble