Best 22 2019 - Round 1


Depending what else we do during trade week, but if it’s only Shiel, then it will be a very settled list and they can continue to get that game plan understanding nailed down over the preseason. It has to becoem absolutely second nature to them about what they all have to do. Besides the usual fitness and skills stuff (skills being a major one to work on) then this has to be the priority.


I agree and I did miss Langford as well

Turnovers do kill us I also have a feeling that we are still suspect against teams that setup behind the ball

We’re really efficient when we can move the ball from half back, use our pace and kick into space, but when we have to find a target in a clogged 50m arc we have precious few who can hit the kicks. We’ve also lacked those clean clearance players who can punish teams at I50 stoppages, hoping that Shiel changes that. I think that has allowed teams to gamble a little more than they normally do- rather than having 16 blokes in the 50 to defend the stoppage they can leave extras out to compete because we aren’t great at scoring from clearances or scoring from repeat entries

That might be an outdated view but it feels right in the guts


Saad Hooker Francis
Mckenna Hurley Heppell
Parish Langford Zaka
Stringer Daniher Smith
Fanta Mckernan Tippa

Belly Shiel Zerrett

Brown Mcgrath Guelfi Redman

sheesh, there’s a tonne of flexibility in that lineup and quite a few that could be swapped in. How do Glees and Begs recover from injury? Laverde has more than enough ability to be best 22. Ridley or Redman, got a good feeling about both. Risk Joe as ruck backup or Smack? Mcgrath on the bench seems ludicrous but its now a very deep midfield rotation. Myers late season form has him in the side - but he’s not.

Brown was outstanding. Bags defensive pressure needed?

There are others too. Cannot fit them all.


7 past AA:
Hooker, Hurley, Heppel, Daniher, Merrett, Stringer and Shiel.


Laverde over Brown and McKernan



Nice side sal.
But can we swap Stringer and Raz around?


Personally I think you’ve got 1 too many talls in there. I’d rather another runner…and yes, I know how much Brown runs…


Big vote of confidence in Langford there Sal. Not just getting midfield minutes but becoming first mid ahead of Heppel and Smith.


Yeah I don’t see us going 3 talls fwd plus Stringer.

Joe + Stringer and one of McNernan or Brown.




Probably true, particularly with Francis able to play multiple positions.

Its the 2nd ruck then that probably has me selecting Mckernan.


Daniher or McNernan both capable.


I like having a taller mid in there. But really, named positions for the midfielders/‘smalls’ is academic as it’ll be a rotating mix and match from basically the opening bounce. Arguably, there’s only about 3 players in that entire lineup that couldnt conceivably attend a centre bounce at some point during a match.


I’m not sold on the wisdom of Joe playing decent ruck minutes. I mean, of course he COULD - sometimes even NEED to perhaps - and if you subscribe to that then you can name an entirely different side. I’m undecided on that.


I’ll wait to see who’s injured in preseason before i think about a best 22.


Personally, Mitch Brown misses out. He’s more similar to Joe IMO, McNernan is a deep power forward. But I have absolutely no issue with Joe rucking, he’s ■■■■■■ good in there.


Yeah, that will help a bit.


This thread would be easier to read if people listed their notable ‘outs’ rather than their ‘ins’. Eg who out of Ambrose, Myers, Guelfi, Smack Redman, Gleeson, Laverde, Colyer, Brown, Francis, Begley and co won’t make your 22.

I’m not going to have a crack because I’m seriously bad at selecting teams but I will say that Gleeson and Myers should both make it based on their most recent form (Marty’s most recent, admittedly, being months ago).


There should be a thread where the most likely team is compared to the Best 22 because we all know that if Ambrose is fit, Ambrose will play.


Glad you mentioned him, l was beginning to think he was the forgotten man.