Best 22 2019 - Round 1


Wish the competition between them two followed through to our midfield. I’d probably go Smack over Brown for what it’s worth but happy with what both deliver.


Yeah, I’m the same. I have been critical of Brown in the past, but he has put in too many solid performances to ignore. He’ll kick two or three goals per game consistently. Smack has more talent & can explode with a huge game, but he can also have a quiet one & go missing. Brown leads well up the ground & is dangerous closer to goal. Deserves the spot, but would be fine with Smack in. I hear ya re: midfield.


That’s my team at this point.

And reinforces it’s going to be hard to break into unless injuries occur.


Plenty of defensive & forward cover, but midfield cover is scant.


Yeah i agree. But only because Parish, Langford and Guelfi under performed. Before JLT i though we were flush. Hopefully that’s the case after next Thurs.


Did you watch the JLT? (serious question, i’m not being a smart ■■■) Brown was top 3. Smack was nowhere to be seen. Brown was so good at the end of last season. Smack is great when he’s up and about but it’s Brown every day for me. (and i’ve been saying this all along, not just after Thursday)


Watching a bit of Cameron tonight leaves me inclined to pick Ambrose round 1


I have Langers & Parish in my best 22, though, with Guelfi knocking on the door as an emergency. Outside of that, our mid cover is scant.


Yeah me too. It’s just our depth feels a little better when they’re all performing. You can afford to play a second rate guy through there to cover an injury as long as everybody else is up and about.


Agree, but who do you leave out ?

Might be a blessing if Hooksey needs another week to get cherry ripe.
Is a defensive unit of Ambo, Hurls, Francis and Ridley (?) tall enough ?
Probably against GWS it is.
Are they likely to play that 200cm guy ?


OK, I’ll bite: are they playing soccer? Or a different Cameroon?


Yeh I watched. I’d be inclined to play both actually. I’d prefer the ruck relief of Smack and playing forward half of the ground with TBC sitting a kick behind play. I’d also want Browns endurance and versatility.
For me it probably pushes out the need to have Baguley and only picking 2 of Parish, Langford, Laverde or Guelfi. Give Stringer more time running around through the midfield so we’re not to top heavy.


Smack was nowhere to be seen? … you mean in the first half when he wasn’t on the field?
EFC don’t put as much credence in to JLT1 form as BB. Especially, for those who weren’t on the ground.
Either Brown or Smack will be unlucky to miss, but one of the will.


I was the same and then thought Jeremy Cameroon?


British Labor leader?


If we’re predicting R1:

B Saad Hooker Francis
HB McKenna Hurley Ridley
R Bellchambers Shiel Merrett
C Zaharakis Heppell Smith
HF Fantasia Daniher Baguley
F Tippungwuti Mckernan Stringer
I Langford Myers McGrath Guelfi
E Brown Laverde Parish Ambrose

Assuming Begley, Gleeson, Redman (and Dea) not available.
All emergencies are unlucky.
D7 is where I’m particularly unsure. Should be Gleeson and Redman playing with Ridley then Dea as back up. Think it will be Ambrose to play, but def do not want him in with all of Hurley, Hooker, Francis, Ridley. So have placed Guelfi as D7, but not so sure about it. And Long is a mile back I’d have thought. McNiece? Seem to be scraping the barrel for that last defender. Fingers crossed Redman is nearing availability, doubt Gleeson will get there.


No i mean in the second half when he had 4 hit-outs and 4 disposals and zero impact. Seriously. And don’t tell me stats don’t tell the whole story. I’ve watched the game 3 times (sad). Brown was a beast.


I’m not saying anything about stats. I’m pretty clearly saying jlt doesn’t mean a whole heap.
Yes, Brown was good, there’s far more to consider.


I know there is. And i’ve been saying for the last 5 months that Brown was consistently good for the back end of last season. He’s our most reliable set shot and works his ■■■ off. Backed up by a solid performance on Thurs when a lot of others weren’t trying. Smack is brilliant in patches but he’s just not as good as Brown.


I thought smack gave us something when he went in to the Ruck and was unlucky not to draw at least one free close to goal in the last. Remember too that he only got a half compared to Brown who played the whole game.

I think brown is competing with jd