Best 22 2019 - Round 1


One of my better Auto correct fiascos, not as good as fish though


Smack didn’t give us anything. 4 hit-outs of which 2 were to advantage and 4 disposals at 50% efficiency. I’m fine with people saying it’s only JLT or he just had an off day, but don’t try to talk up that performance.

Edit* and when you say you think Brown is competing with Daniher, are you saying Smack is in and the other spot goes to Brown or Daniher?


I think smack is a more powerful player than either Brown or JD, he’s a very different beast athletically, and I like the mixture of having a genuine power KP and running KP. I think JD plays better when he has a monster next to him too.

On Thursday I felt smack’s contest around the ruck made us look a bit livelier but I could be overstating that.

Ultimately form will dictate selection and if smack plays a full game next week and gets nowhere near it while Brown goes from strength to strength you’d rightly expect Brown to play.


Play Tbell Smack Brown and Joey Round 1.

Ruck - TBell 80 % Smack 20%

KPF1 - Joey 70% Smack 30%

KPF2 - Brown 80% Smack 20%

With Joey playing more at FF early in the season I think Brown has to play as the roaming lead up CHF. He has the ability to cover a lot of territory but also get back to dangerous spots when we go forward. The shear number of kms he racks up spreads the opposition defence. He will drag away the second key defender making it easier for Joe D and Stringer to compete 1v1. He also blows up his opponent aerobically making it harder for them to impact contests. It is also possible with the new rules that many clubs may go with 2 ruckman. Eagles last year played two rucks plus Darling and Kennedy.


We all know the Ambrose limitations. But his strengths seem to be a hardness at the contest and the tank to play on mobile tall and medium forwards . He is not a rebounder. We have plenty of those, He is not a great mark. we have plenty of those. What we dont have are many tough blokes down back. Hurls goes for the ball and doesn’t tackle much and is too nice to grind blokes into the turf. Hooksy cannot run anymore and needs to play out of the goalsquare on the high marking forwards. Francis would blow up on the likes of Riewoldt and DeGoey. Players can push Marty and Ridley away too easily they lack a hard edge.

The guy who has the attributes to replace Ambrose, for me is Redman and he is not fit yet. So yes I can see Ambrose getting some games in the early rounds but I would like to see Redman come in when he gets up to speed.


I think that’s right.

Joe is obviously a starter if he’s fit, but I think the club still has an open mind about which of the other key forwards (i.e. out of Smack, Brown and Stewart) will start round 1. They’ve all done pretty well in the pre-season so far, so JLT performances will probably be quite relevant for round 1 selection.

If that’s right, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Stewart gets a run against the Cats to try and press his claims.


Now Hooker is out …

B: Saad Ambrose McKenna
HB: Ridley Hurley Francis

C: McGrath Heppell Smith
Foll: BChambers Shiel ZMerrett

HF: Walla Daniher Laverde
F: Stringer McKernan Fantasia

B: Myers Parish Zaka Langford

Emg: Brown , Guelfi , Baguely , Hartley

NOT AVAILABLE : Hooker, Gleeson, Begley, Redman , Dea


I can’t believe people are leaving Brown out of their sides.


It’s madness isn’t it ?
I don’t want to see him in defence either (barring an emergency situation in our Back 6 on Game Day).
He is a much better forward.


where’s Brown??? Leave Hartley out please.


FB: Saad Ambrose Francis
HB: Ridley Hurley McKenna
C: McGrath Heppell Smith
R: Belly Shiel Merrett
HF: Stringer Brown Fanta
FF: McKernan Daniher Walla
B: Parish Langford Myers Zaka


Thats a slow side with a sprinkling of absolute speedsters


Any one that has Hartley remotely near the side should be banned from this site. His performance last Friday was the final nail. Sadly he is not up to it.

I think there are 19 locks.

*I am including Ridley as a lock given the absence of Gleeson, Dea and Redman’
Ambrose must be preferred to Hartley;
*Parish is on notice;
*Guelfi has flexibility. Can play all three zones so gets the nod over Laverde;
*Brown “just” over Mckernan;
*Baguley may get a gig due to his form last year. But I would prefer Guelfi off the pine and also Smith in that small role.



Anyone who doesn’t have Baguley in 1st 22 should be banned from this site.


Did you watch his game last Friday? Suspect he maxed out last year.

Absolute warrior but as per above, Smith and Guelfi can play that role.


I couldn’t give a flying ■■■■ about last Thursday.


Zaharakis and Baguley looked like they were in concrete.

I will be very happy to be wrong on Baguley.


Laverde over Baguley for sure. Get some continuity in his game he has huge potential, saw a glimpse of in our last game last year. Baguley is nearly 32 and can’t see him in our next premiership side. Hopefully the change of number breaks his bad luck.


Anyone who accuses someone of including Hartley when they havent, should be banned from the internet.


Callan Ward in doubt for rnd 1 with a knee injury