Best 22 2019 - Round 1


Best 22 post JLT 2

B: Saad Francis Ridley
Hb: Heppell Hurley McKenna
C: Mcgrath Stringer Merrett
Hf: Smith McKernan Brown
F: Tippa Daniher Fantasia
R: Bellchambers Langford Shiel
Int: Zaharakis Guelfi (7th def) Laverde Ham (Debut)
Emg: Parish Myers Ambrose

Heppell back to be general of defence. How good did he look back there.

Ham gives us some desperation.


Myers if fit will play round 1, whether we think he has done enough through the pre-season it won’t change that fact.


Anyone who hasn’t got Brown in their team, you’re wrong. He is a lock to play round 1


There is legit next to zero percent chance that Ham will play in RD1


I thought he has done as well as could be expected in these practice games.


Saves his best for his games at Marvel Stadium anyway haha


Based of those 2 practice matches. It’s hard to pick a team


Where are the pelicans that queried my Baguley comments.

C O O K E d


I don’t think McKernan, Brown & Daniher fit into the same forward line, as the defensive pressure would be a serious problem. We will miss McKernan’s marking strength until Joe turns into the real Joe, and our forward line will be dysfunctional until Joe & Fanta find form, (hopefully) in 2 weeks.
Ambrose is a very underrated (on here) lock down key defender and he will play. Ridley is the find of our preseason. Francis will get some big jobs until Hooker is back. If he is 50% as good as the hype he’ll do well.

I think this will be the team -

McKenna Ambrose Francis
Ridley Hurley Saad

Fanta Brown Stringer
Tippa Joe Langford

Shiel Hepp Merrett Smith Mcgrath Zaka Myers Parish Guelfi

We need begley, redman, gleeson to get match fit to provide some depth & push the fringe players. We can’t judge form until Rd 3 to 4 of real footy.


I don’t think we have a marking presence in the forward line. I don’t feel as if Daniher is dominant in the air, although can certainly take a great speccy if they give him a clear enough run at it.

I feel as if the forward line need McKernan.

While Brown works really hard, is consistent, and a very reliable shot at goal, I’m uncertain that he provides the balance the forward line needs.


Best 22 certainty.

AAA Hooker Francis
Saad Hurley McKenna

Merrett Heppell McGrath
Bellchambers Shiel Smith

BBB Daniher CCC
Tippa Stringer Fantasia

Zaharakis Langford Parish DDD

Contention for AAA

Ridley is my choice

Contention for BBB

McKernan is my choice.

Contention for CCC

Laverde is my choice.

Contention for DDD

Tough one. Myers for now.


Tend to agree with Sam Woods. We get outmarked a lot.


Based on JLT id have Myers well ahead of Langford and Parish

He is best 22 in my opinion and likely the coaching staff as well


My GF is DDD and she insists they’re her own, but I have my doubts. If I was you I wouldn’t slag off at Guelfi’s as Heffsgirl might put you through a shredder.


Round 1 team
B: Saad Hurley Francis
HB: Ridley Ambrose McKenna
C: Zaharakis Merrett McGrath
HF: Smith Daniher Stringer
F: Fantasia Brown Tippa
R: Bellchambers Heppell Shiel
Bench: Parish Langford Myers Mckernan

Emerg: Guelfi Baguley Laverde


Can’t really disagree with that line up!

How far off are Gleeson and Begley?


At a guess?
Begley - 1-2 weeks
Gleeks - 3-4 weeks


I actually think our defence lines up well against gws.
Ambrose - Cameron
Hurley (needs to improve on the replay counted 6 errors that ended in shots at goal for geelong) - himmelberg
Green - francis
Then our smalls and ridley should have theirs covered.

As others have said the balance of the forwardline looks better with smack but they won’t not select daniher.




What wot? Who you got taking him? Ridley doesn’t have the body strength i don’t think at the moment and green plays as a marking forward so need someone mobile that can match him in the air. Francis played on dusty martin last year in the forwardline and did pretty well i thought.