Best 22 2019 - Round 1


Not as big as Potentiality, … or Potentiometer.

Jus sayin’, …


I don’t trust you. He’ll never be that. Maybe if things go right he’ll be a regular in the team. Maybe. I won’t be banking on it.


We must be going ok if Scully can’t break into any of these teams.


U remember when we played Sydney this season. Zaharakis storing down the centre of the ground… nobody near him…
What does he do…
Pin-Points Aliir Aliir.
That sums up his game


I really like your username and avatar, but really dislike your opinions on Zaharakis.


Strawberries is a big word, too.
It just doesn’t go around acting all snooty about it.


Does it matter who we play against or will they become spectators at half time?


Why are you always putting up so much resistance?


With Zaharakis my only knock is that he goes missing. And when he does its incredibly frustrating. Has had some shockers and when he does it feels like he is the difference.

But when he is on, he gets into our best.


How often has he done this in the last 2 seasons? I reckon he’s been far more consistent under Woosha


Love Zaka. I reckon he thrives on pressure/responsibility. Really improved his game in 2016 when Heppell & Co were suspended. Start him in the guts a bit more, instead of drifting in from a wing, and see how he goes.


Zaka is top notch when fully fit, but I do have a perception that his performance can be highly affected by injury.

I too have come to the conclusion that Zaka plays his best footy in the guts. I was very surprised. Having stated that, there isn’t going to be room for him in there as much anymore.

It would do us a world of good to have a career best year out of Zaka in 2019 holding down a wing.


The triantiwontigongolope says these are all just little words.


Julie Andrews says you have to use real words or it doesn’t count.


C J Dennis said they were real. That’ll do me.


Yeah, but he was a renowned pisshead.


Yep, and he’s now really unlikely to get tagged.


Dw mate. We’re both dons supporters it’s ok.
Just sharing opinions :smile:


At his best Zaka is very good. But u know he only plays 2 or 3 games a year where you go, fark he’s good.
Then he will have his moments which make you wanna break your tv :laughing:


Each year there seems to be a surprise packet. In 2018 I think that was Guelfi - top work rate and excellent skills. He has a long term future. In 2019, cometh the hour, cometh a 150+ likely game player - BZ-T. This kid showed in 2018 that he really wants it. He, Riddles and Redman should all be big contributors to EFC over the coming 5-10 years.