Best 22 2019 - Round 1


I reckon it’ll be either Laverde (if he doesn’t get injured again) or Begley.



Or in reality probably Francis.


Noone else surprised you this year?
:wink: :smiley:


I don’t think anyone would really be surprised by Franga’s talents. When he was in a reasonable head space in the VFL it was already on show. Mutch’s development has been pleasing but not unexpected. All he needed was an injury free period to start getting game time.
I do believe Sammy Draper has made rapid advances this year. If his development continues at that pace, by 2020, consistent AFL time beckons.
Those with question marks about whether they’ve got another level include Benny McNeice, Dylan Clarke, Mynott and Houlihan. They are skilled footballers but will be potentially entering 2019 toward the low end of a strong talent pool list at the Club.


It will be awful tough to get a senior game in 2019.

Will be a great year for Essendon VFL fans.


Nobody else who might’ve gone just a little better than you thought they would?


Surely HAP, you’re not referring to that ready made champion Devon Smith? I thought EVERYONE knew how great he was before he even arrived!!:joy::wink:


And a sentimental bloke.


I know we are assuming no injuries and top form but for me the key is big Tom. I prefer McKernan as the relief Ruckman rather than Joe.
Francis Hooker Redman
Saad Hurley McGrath
McKenna Heppell Zakka
Fanta McKernan Walla
Stringer Daniher Smith
TBC Shiel Zerrett
Inter: Gleeson, Bags, Langford, Guelfi
I would be rotating Myers, Mutch, Clarke and Lav through the middle every few weeks - almost Test cricket Fast bowler style (even though I hate it) No need to bust our top mids week after week.
Brown is there if McKernan drops off.
Ambrose is there for special games like Richmond and Collingwood. No doubt I’ve forgotten someone but we have great depth and we should be keeping everyone fresh and on their toes.


@&[email protected]!! Forgot Parish! Too hard!


This is Fkg exciting! No excuses in 2019.

B: Saad, Hooker, Francis

HB: McKenna, Hurley, Gleeson

C: McGrath, Shiel, Zaharakis

HF: Fantasia, Daniher, Z Merrett

F: Walla, McKernan, Baguley

Fill: Bellchambers, Heppell, Smith

INT:Langford, Parish, Guelfi, Stringer


Come on, zerret ain’t starting high half forward, he’s in the guts,


I can’t see our forward line containing both Joe & Smack. I think smack will play when Joe doesn’t.
Brown was very good late in the year & I think he is the 2nd tall. Stringer & Laverde as mid sized forwards with bursts in the midfield, fanta & tippa pick themselves.

Hooker & Hurley, Mckenna & Saad, Francis & Ridley or Redman down back, unless Gleeson gets back to his best quickly.

TBC with our best 9 mids who are Hepp, Merrett, Mcgrath, parish, shiel, smith, zaka, langford & guelfi.

It’s a really good list of players with another 5 or 6 who are AFL ready.


Joe and Smack would be a perfect combination. JD is a lead up run and jump kind of forward, similar to Brown…but better. While Smack has the ability to stand there contest and then bring it to ground. Smack can also pinch in the ruck which Brown can’t.


Saad Hurley Francis
McKenna Hooker Gleeson
McGrath Heppell Zaharakis
Smith Daniher Fantasia
Stewart Stringer Tippa

Bellchambers Merrett Shiel

Parish, Langford, Redman, Ridley/Guelfi/Begley

Backline - I love how similar everyone’s back 6-7 (look). I love the dynamic of class, pass, intercept marking and X-factor. No excuse really.

Midfield - We are starting to bat deep in the midfield. How often in past years were we crying out for someone to support Jobe or saying where is our inside bull? We made our own style of play, with considerable improvements in winning the contested ball and clearances without this mythical ‘bull’. Shiel adds class. We have players who we know we can play better with more minutes inside/on ball we have the luxury and problem of trying to juggle (Zaka/Parish/Lang). A good problem to have.

Forward - Daniher, Fantasia, Stringer, Tipunwuti…are you kidding me, what a line up up of talent. I really love the aggression of Stewart and want to back him in as a different sort to McKearnan though I suspect Smack may start based on the end of season form and support for Tbell. Given depth of our mids and the need for them to ‘rest’ forward I suspect they will play high and isolate the absolute ooze of talent we have available. What a ■■■■■■■ time to be a bombers supporter.

Rucks - Gee I love my Tommy Beachcomber. I’m backing him in to repeat his year (touch wood) but gee without smack in the team (even with) we look vunerable. A glass ankle sprain away from a serious reshuffle. You simply could not overstate his influence at centre bounces last year. First half of the year he won soo many taps but hit it down the throat of the opposition. Had a real connection with the mids second half of last year. Hepps owes a few brownlow votes to Tommy for the silver service he was provided under the umps nose.

Fuckking hell.

How long until Round 1?



Francis. Hurley. Saad

Redman Hooker. McGrath

McKenna Parish Merrett

Stringer. mckernan Smith

Fantasia. Daniher. Walla

T-Bell. Heppell. Shiel

Langford. Laverde. Zaharakis . Baguley


Stringer getting the last spot on interchange :flushed:


Who are our two best wingers?

What attributes do they have that make them good at that role?


It’s a good question. Everyone just seems to lump two midfielders as a way to fit them in.

I think Zaka holds one down easily.

The second this year had mutch, long and Colyer becuase we don’t really have anyone that fits the bill. Raz could but you rob Peter to pay Paul.

I’m not sure if anyone emerges this year as a true winger. Or if guys like parish, McGrath and smith take turns. Someone suggested Redman would be s good winger, but then you have to find a spot for a mid he displaces.


Where’s Libba in these best 22s? He is playing in the guts for mine.