Best 22 2019 - Round 1


You’re keen if you’re doing the Footscray VFL best 22.


Mate he can play. Don’t take his loseness and mistake that for being a plodder.


I don’t think anyone doubts he can play.


In addition to sheil still think we need another big inside mid bull. Libba fits the bill and he’d come cheap. Don’t get the Libba hate. So he is a bit loose so what? Would easily be in our best 22.


Injury prone, renowned fwit, club suspensions, great midfielder sure, but not rated at his own club.
I reckon you can have Stringer or Libba, and I reckon I’m doing Stringer a massive disservice there, but not both.

Tell you what, you can say ‘told you so’ the next time he makes the AA squad.


Wonder if North or Brisbane regretted there decision to recruit Martin Pike?. Chequered past at melbourne and fitzroy much more than libba. Sometimes to win flags u need to take a risk that’s my point. North did. Brisbane did and gee what a good hard uncompromising footballer Martin Pike turned out to be. Important in all those flags and much loved by north and Brisbane fans alike.


Or wins four (AFL) premierships, sure.
You can say I told you so then, too.


As can most players.


Seriously what is the Libba hate? I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. Renowned ■■■■■■■? Why cos he loves beers darts and gets weird haircuts? tell me why details champ?Give me a spell and stop the self righteous Gerard whateley type bullshit. Injury prone yeah maybe but so is is money bags scully and worst of all there are actually people on this site that wanted that front running flopper from port. Obviously don’t like taking a risk.


The details are already posted here, ‘champ’ and weren’t a secret at the time.
But sure.


Does it matter? As long as they’re in the 22 they play. Starting positions mean fk all these days anyway. It’s a Fkg strong 22 if we can ever get it on the park.


B: Saad, Hooker, Francis

HB: McKenna, Hurley, Gleeson

C: McGrath, Shiel, Zaharakis

HF: Fantasia, Daniher, Smith

F: Walla, Stringer, Baguley

Foll: Bellchambers, Heppell, Zerrett

INT: Langford, Parish, Guelfi, McKernan

Feels odd not having Hartley in the team somewhere.


No it doesn’t matter. I reckon it’s a good sign that a player like that is named on the bench


Best 22*

Tall backs: Hurley, Hooker, Francis

Med/small backs: Saad, Gleeson, McGrath

Wings: McKenna, Redman

Mids: Heppell, Shiel, Merrett, Langford, Parish, Zaharakis, Smith

Med/small Fwds: Tippa, Fanta, Baguley

Tall Fwds: Daniher, Stringer

Rucks: Bellchambers, McKernan

*Some interchangeability between backs and wings, mids and forwards, and resting ruck is the 3rd tall fwd.


I really like that.
And it shows the versatility we have.
I can’t be having with McGrath and McKenna though.
McGrath’s had two seasons, I want him in the midfield, and I don’t see any reason to move McKenna.
I also want a marking option on the wing so I’d be going Ridley over Redman.


Hooker forward.

That is all


Yeah, I tend to agree with you, and probably would’ve been better to swap McKenna and McGrath around. But I just like the idea of McKenna and Redman delivering into the forward line, and I like McGrath playing back. Redman’s a good mark, but yes Ridley would be nice to have in the team too. Good competition for spots.


B. Aaron Francis, Cale Hooker, Adam Saad
HB. Marty Gleeson, Michael Hurley,Conor McKenna
C. Andrew McGrath, Dylan Shiel, David Zaharakis
HF. Devon Smith, Joe Daniher, Jake Stringer
F. Tippa, Shaun Mckernan, Orazio Fantasia

R. Tom Bellchambers, Dyson Heppell, Zac Merrett

Int. Darcy Parish, Kyle Langford, Mark Baguley, Mason Redman

That was hard. Really, you could raffle off the last two spots in the side over guys like laverde/Myers/Colyer/guelfi dependant on form and injury.


Interesting that everyone has Smack lined up for round 1. It was a bad hammy he might need longer to get up to full steam. I wonder if Brown or Stewart gets the gig in round 1.


It was a ten week injury that happened about ten weeks ago. No surgery was needed.

I’d be more worried about the other tall forward lining up round 1.