Best 22 - Round 1 2020

Assuming no one has any injuries and everyone has full pre seasons…

B: Francis - Hooker - Ambrose
HB: McKenna - Hurley - Saad
C: Cutler - Merrett - McGrath
HF: Stringer - Brown - Smith
F: Fantasia - Daniher - Tippa
R: Bellcho - Heppell - Shiel

INT: Redman - Parish - Gleeson - Zaka


Laverde is not best 22, and arguably Langford isn’t either. Where’s Gleeson?

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Gleeson definitely should be there infront of those two - i had forgotten someone i knew it!

Parish? Edit: Sorry, missed him on the bench.

What about Mckernan?


Been waiting for this thread to start.

Best 22 post trade Period

B: Saad Hooker Ambrose
Hb: Gleeson Hurley McKenna
C: Cutler Heppell Zaharakis
Hf: Smith Daniher Stringer
F: Tippa McKernan Fantasia
R: Bellchambers Shiel Merrett
Int: McGrath Parish Francis Redman

Emg: Guelfi Langford, laverde

B: Long Zerk-Thatcher Guelfi
HB; McQuillam Hartley Ridley
C; Jok Clarke Ham
HF; Laverde Gown Begley
F: Mosquito Stewart Snelling
R: Phillips Langford Heppell
Int:Brown, Mynott, McBride

Rehab group: Draper

Edit: Long may be in the NTFL


I had mostly the same as the OP, but I had:
Smack instead of Brown (contested marking, allows JD to be a full-time CHF, which is something Woosha said he wanted JD to do a while back.)
Dlarke instead of Cutler (haven’t seen enough of Cutler.)
Snelling instead of Zaka (more forward pressure.)

Either way you look at it, that’s a top 4 squad if healthy.


If everyone is healthy, we’re going to go back to the posts of certain players being unlucky because they weren’t even named as emergencies. It’ll be frustrating, but it’ll be a nice problem to have.

You didn’t… i somehow crazily forgot him. So i made an edit :slight_smile:

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as a VFL listed player I assume?

from the sounds of it he has been delisted and playing in the NTFL.
swap him with McBride.

Still a strong VFL side.

Saad Ambrose Francis
Redman Hurley Mckenna

Phillips Shiel Heppell
Merrett McGrath Parish

Fantasia Daniher Smith
Stringer Hooker Tippa

Langford Zaharakis Gleeson Cutler


its not a real best 22 until @ivan posts ones


Ivan did one in a different thread.

But he had Heppell on a wing, so I think he has had his time. Happens to all the greats. Even Sheedy went a bit too far by the end.


Only one!?


If you do more than one it isn’t so much a Best 22 as an options study.

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Hepp is hardly a beast centre clearance player and he’s certainly not a burst centre clearance player. He can get exposed by quick players and his hands aren’t super fast.

He excels winning the ball on the deck around the ground but he isn’t at his best at stoppages.

He’s super effective at chopping off ball coming out of our own forward line and at half back and I think you lose this from his game a bit if you play him too close to the ball.

He’s kinda of a hybrid ball winning wingman in my mind who should be allowed to roam free but not necessarily as a traditional follower.

Thoughts anyone?


Sounds like my kind of best 22 thread

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Heppell lacks speed. In my opinion that makes him a liability in space. He is also a dreadful attacking kick of the footy. I don’t see any point in giving him the space on the wing. He has so few tools to take advantage of it.

In the middle he is our biggest body. It’s an area of need. I understand he isn’t a Jobe Watson, but he can do the job. If he isn’t an inside mid then he is a HBFer in my opinion. But again, lacks speed.

Is also another guy that is going to elevate himself levels above last years efforts just because he (touch wood) is fully fit.

Just my thoughts.