Best and Worst "Import" Teams

Selection criteria:

  • Commenced AFL career at another Club
  • Represented Essendon in 1990’s to now
  • Based on performances at Essendon only


B A Saad A Daniher M Dea
HB A McPhee S Wellman P Kelly
C D Smith D Shiel P Barnard
HF P Chapman T Daniher ( c) Derek Kickett
F S McKernan J Stringer M Brown
R M. Leuenberger B Goddard S Denham
I/change J Townsend J Stewart J Gwilt B Young


B T Zantuck (c ) M Michael R Cole
HB K Aylett T Darcy M Alvey
C M Fraser B Prismall A Cooney
HF D Cupido (based on wasted talent) M Williams B Haynes
F J Green J Robran Z Clarke
R I Grgic C Bird S Camporeale
I/change J Giles S Edwards M Allen Dale Kickett

Emg. B Doolan

I left out Justin Murphy - could make either team!

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Edit. 90s. As you were :slight_smile:

Can remember Alvey played 1 blinder, it might have been against FC

The teams probably highlight how good Essendon’s imports have been recently and how bad we were in recruiting in the early 2000’s for over a decade.

I think for true LOLs Zantuck should be named at FF.


Townsend in the best ?

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Townsend has never played a bad AFL game for Us.


Nor a good one.
He’s played one very good half.

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I think Robran is very stiff to be in the worst team. He came to us in 2000, so there was little (if any) chance of him becoming a senior regular. When he did play, he actually did a pretty decent job. He was unlucky given the period he was at EFC.

I was thinking that Barnes should’ve been the ruck in the “Best” team but reading your criteria he misses out as he started his career with us.


PS: Barry Young should be on the field, not on the bench!


I’m so ■■■■■■■ sick of all these ■■■■■■■ lists


This is in the top 5 most annoying list threads, for mine.



Truly a who’s who of Essendon quality in that clip.

Laycock, Murphy, Cupido, Zantuck…oh boy.

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Murphy is in the system now too.

Surely the “Worst” team should include that bloke from Freo - Ryan Crowley. For those who don’t recall his glorious career at EFC:

  1. he was very famous at Freo for being an ace tagger
  2. he was brought here after so many of our players were banned for a year DESPITE NO EVIDENCE EVER BEING PRODUCED FOR ANY PLAYER EVER TAKING ANY ILLEGAL SUBSTANCE
  3. he was actually proven to use PEDs but was still allowed to play in the finals for Freo before being suspended
  4. although he was famous for being a tagger, being recruited as a tagger, and playing for us when we desperately needed a tagger, Worsher refused to play him as a tagger
  5. in life, as in comedy, timing is everything.


Mark Fraser stiff not to get a spot on the bench atleast. Mal Michael was more than serviceable in his first year with us aswell


Robran in the worst? He was pretty good in the limited games he got with us.


And what are your suggestions?