Best Female Rock Singers



Ill start it off with 


Pat Benatar & Janis Joplin

Ann & Nancy Wilson from Heart doing (imo) the best cover of Stairway to Heaven I've ever seen


What about Rolf??????

I just saw this Ann Wilson version of Stairway to Heaven.

Absolutely sensational.

Plant,page and jones were clearly touched by that performance

About 400 years too new for most of you, but:
Neko Case

Ellen Foley


Suze DeMarchi

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Phoebe Pinnock

I don't think you can go past Joplin. Chrissie Hynde had a great set of pipes on her.

Phoebe Pinnock

just because she probably followed you on twitter? :P

Linda Ronstadt - a glorious voice. She who could do rock as well as ballads, country and anything she else she wanted to do.

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Corin Tucker. 

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Phoebe Pinnock

just because she probably followed you on twitter? :P


lol.. only following me back after i followed her.

Joan Jett.

I thought her Hit List album of covers was pretty decent.

Dolores O’Riordan.


Some of my personal favs:


Aimee Mann

Susanna Hoffs

Micki Steele (all the Bangles were good singers!)

Ann Wilson

Chrissie Hynde

Chrissie Amphlett

Kate Bush

Martha Davis

Stevie Nicks

Sarah McLeod

Ella Hooper

Big Mama Thornton

Shirley Manson

Patti Smith

Linda Perry  (4 non blondes)  Makes the list for "What's Up?" alone.

Phoebe Pinnock

That smirking blonde thing in some local "metal" band?


Anyway. Dominique Lenore Persi. Thread solved.

Brody Dalle / Armstrong

I'm keen on Katy Perry.

The Muffs - Lucky Guy

Kim Shattuck



Leather Leone

Lisa Johansson