Big 200cm+ Forward in the draft

So with the prospect of Joe leaving, we are in need of a big key forward going forward.
Had Patton not done 3 knees I would have said yes, but the draft might be the place.

Anyone know of any big keys that could slip down to us?

That’s easy. The clear standout for mine is 198cm ruck/fwd, Luke Jackson. Some may think he is a bit short for a ruck but I love him. He reminds be of a young Stef Martin when in the ruck and with better forward nous. I think he goes between 8 and 15, so with a pick acquired from Joe trade, should he be traded.


Could be a good player in 5 years time. When the rest of the current crop are nearing 30.

Tall players take such a long time to develop.

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I think hew could be a great player by year 3!

Could try make a play for Ben McKay.
22, 199cm 95kg.
Not happy at Nth.


Forward craft?

How do you know that he’s not happy?

Very solid. Still see him has more of a ruck though.

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Also only played 4 games in 3 seasons.

Be great to get Stewart in the park too.

Reported where?

He signed a 2 year contract extension in feb.

Why would we want a guy who has only played 4 games out of maybe 72 games? What makes him great that we would chase him after that?

SEN’s Sam Edmund
Bens been starved of opportunities and may look elsewhere.

There isn’t exactly a plethora of talls in the draft. Even though he has 2 years on his contract, he could come cheap and thrive at essendon.
I could be wrong, but if he doesn’t cost you much he could be worth taking a chance on.
We can’t go another season with McKernan & Brown as our 2 tall forwards.

That’s is fair but my question was more why he hasn’t had many games or chances. What sort of player is he, what is his quality like, what is his work rate like?

This is not the year you want to be looking for an elite KPF or any KPP tbh.

Jackson is a quality ruckman and Pevster is right he’ll be able to play as a 1st or as a 2nd ruck/KPP (I don’t see him becoming a genuine KPP). He is being undervalued by his height and because he is a ruckman, but he’ll make a very good modern-day mobile ruckman-come-midfielder.

Sam de Koning is an athletic, 200cm KPP who has played well down back this year after growing quickly over the last 18 months. I see him ending up a backman in the AFL though. He has a brother at FCFC.

Honestly not sure.
I think he might have been injured his first season. But if he can be half as good as his brother, then he has a future.

Hasn’t Ben played back at VFL/AFL?
Didn’t kick a goal in the VFL this year

Because it takes that long for tall fwds to develop. Many don’t get a game for 3years.

I bet no op supporters have even heard of zerk.

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He’s at Norf.


200cm forward you say?