Biggest FIGJAM in the AFL

Which current player is the biggest FIGJAM in the game.

I reckon Tom Hawkins. His celebrations after a goal is over the top


Kyle Reimers, Setanta


Now, Cloke.

How can you  pick one? Every good side has few.

......Ricky Dyson, looked arrogant.

Mitch "Somebody stole my neck" Robinson

Harry O.




Zac Dawson. His coach had to design an entire defensive structure to protect him - at two seperate clubs - and he’s running around sledging the opposition!? Farking Muppet.

Buddy, especially that strut he does that looks like he has a pineapple up his ■■■■.

No one can ever replace Buckley though, he just oozes knobness

Anyone with sleeve or neck tattoos


The original and the best..


Nathan Buckley. 


Steve Johnson.


Mayne. Drinks his own bathwater.

The devil himself vlad.

The original and the best..


Nathan Buckley. 

I reckon the likes of Dermott Brereton got there first...

Harry ■■■■■■■ o and Steve ■■■■■■■ johnson

Hawkins is a good selection.

Stevie J is a retard and a valid nominee.