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My other half works in that field. Unfortunately I can’t listen to some stories she comes hom with



Market leaders for sausage sizzlin’, and cows.


What’s your beef this time. Seems like you’ve been giving us a bum steer for heifer and heifer.


That’s WA alright.
Market leaders in stale rolls and spinsters.


Fresh rolls and juicy cows.


I have to admit, my first thought was that WA had pulled a swiftly on accepting nuclear waste.


Better that than Sam Mitchell.


no winners in this one

Canadian trapper kills grizzly bear, returns to cabin and finds partner, baby daughter dead

52 minutes ago


Mum Valerie Theoret smiles in a selfie taken in wilderness. Her hair is pushed back into a ponytail and secured by a headband.|340x340
Photo: Mum Valerie Theoret and baby Adele were found by the baby’s father. (Supplied: Valerie Theoret)

A mother and her 10-month-old baby have been killed in a grizzly bear attack near their cabin in Canada’s Yukon Territory.

Key points:

  • Family was on holiday trapping animals for fur in Canada’s Yukon Territory
  • Dad Gjermund Roesholt said he killed grizzly bear after it approached him
  • Mr Roesholt returned to cabin to find partner and daughter dead

School teacher Valerie Theoret, 37, was staying the region’s remote Einarson Lake — 400km north of Whitehorse, the territory’s capital — with partner Gjermund Roesholt and their baby daughter Adele Roesholt when the attack occurred.

Ms Theoret and Mr Roesholt had planned to spend some of the months of Ms Theoret’s maternity leave at their Yukon Territory trap line — which is a parcel of land the government leases out to people who wish to trap animals for fur.

Mr Roesholt told police he was about to return to his family at 3:00pm (local time) on Monday after laying traps for game about 100 metres from the family’s cabin, when he was charged by a grizzly bear.

In a press release, the Yukon Coroner’s office said Mr Roesholt shot and killed the bear before returning to the cabin to find his partner and daughter dead outside.

Police were called to the scene just after 3:45pm by Mr Roesholt, who is an experienced hunter and trapper.

The coroner’s office said it believed Ms Theoret and her daughter went out for a walk sometime in the early morning or early afternoon, when they were attacked by the same bear.

Speaking to CBC, family friend Remy Beaupre said: “It’s a big, big blow. Everybody is totally devastated right now.”

“Lots of our friends are gathering tonight to mourn a little bit and support each other a little bit,” Mr Beaupre said.

The Yukon Royal Canadian Mounted Police and the coroner’s office are investigating the deaths.

In a statement, the Yukon Department of Education said Ms Theoret would be missed by staff and students.

Fatal bear attacks are rare in Canada.


Unbearably sad.


Seriously though, sad for the kid, but fark the fur trappers


Probably because I am dead inside, but my reaction to that story was “…yeah, that’ll happen”


I wonder if the gentleman in question has learned any type of lesson about the horror involved in dying a slow, horrific and painful death, such as that experienced by a bear caught in a trap?


When people spend their time doing dangerous things or encountering dangerous animals, excrement is going to eventuate.

Number of acts of fornication given closely approximates the additive identity.


Probably just me but why oh why would you take a 10 month old to the Yukon.


To look for the three bears, clearly


And kill them


I’d post this in the McDav thread, but don’t want to put people off their nuggs


Special sauce no longer a secret.


There’s “traces” of ■■■■ on everything you touch every day, plonkers.

This is why I wash my hands before I urinate.


Dude got taken away by the cops at work today. First time for everything I guess.