Bizarre Events Thread


I hope someone asks him to remove his wristbands.


His hips are alive, maaaaaaaaaaan…


slightly crazy to say the least


That’s insane.

Fair to say the loser had an inferior technique, like bringing a wet lettuce to a slap fight.

Not sure there’d be many world titles won wesrimf denim with a plumbers crack showing.


Lol. There’s something not quite right about the ruskies.

Kudo’s to the loser though. After the first one he knew what was coming and still didn’t flinch/duck!

The fact that the winner didn’t seem to have a guy behind him to catch him might suggest this was a “Pro vs amatuer slapper” comp, lol.


Does the beard add an extra layer of cushioning?


That’s not how I would organise a slapper contest.


I was thinking the same thing, … but the fact the bloke is around 100 kegs heavier and has a hand like a 4 pound 2" steak probably had more to do with the non contest of it all.

You have to wonder how the other fella even made the final by comparison??


Smelling salts?








Bum sniffers?


Not a real rugby stalwart, although l do enjoy the world cup. l was intrigued to discover the first rule of rugby scrums was, no farting. Does that mean when a scrum collapses that someone farted?


Mate of mine played rugby in Wexford, usually (being Ireland) hungover.

Reckons that one day, someone farted in the scrum, and everyone in the scrum, to a man, broke the scrum and chundered.


SERIOUS WARNING You don’t want to watch this if you are squeamish.
A really awful injury to gymnast who landed incorrectly and broke BOTH legs.


Jeezuz!! Crocodiles, Great Whites, Funnel Webs, Red Backs, Box Jellies, Blue Ringers, Tiger, Brown, Black Smakes and Taipans, … and DEER!

Poor bugger was just going for a walk.

Doubt we’ll ever see this headline again.


Jnr diggers #2 does men’s artistic gymnastics. He’s not at the level of this competitor but even so, they do some pretty amazing floor routines. And there are plenty of heavy landings although none as heavy as that one so far. That footage is hard to watch, especially when your kid does it.


yep - you want to get it pretty right. That one is so extremely bad. Making sure the head is safe would be a major one.

Still, gymnastics would be an excellent physical activity for a kid.


It’s pretty good. The strength and flexibility of the competitors is very impressive. Geelong drafted a former under 15’s national all-round champion a few years ago. Delisted now but one of the things that impressed them during his time was that his strength to weight ratio was out of this world. If he latched on, you weren’t getting away. It’s a good grounding for a lot of other sports.