Bizarre Events Thread


It’s the Ive been tackled by Paddy Ambrose jumper


Sorry. A tanker ran over a wombat and you didn’t automatically think it was dead? How big are the wombats over there?


Some of the ones on here would be well over six foot I’d reckon.


To be fair, most vehicles that hit a wombat die, so it’s not an unreasonable conclusion.


Beat me to it Dave. Well known as car killers down this way.

Fkn mobile boulders, A full tanker would probably do the job, but an empty on it’s way out would likely leave it in a state of slow death over a few hours.



For 18 months? That’s some consistent jerking off.


He must have had it on a drip.


So, we know that the safest dose is < 3 per month. Yet to find out what the effective dose is.


“The IMJ recommended against such practices.”

You don’t say! :joy:


No wonder he had arm problems.


So…he needs a new wristy?


Should change your name to “hesonlygotalefthand”


You could test a thousand things and it would come up positive.
Sorry to bang on about my sexy job, but when I’m doing food safety training, I use a strobe on people’s hands which shows poo microbes as well as other bacteria present on the skin. There’s literally a $hit load.
It scares the ■■■■ out of them, and it has its desired effect in the day. Until they forget about it.
You’re all ridden with it right now, you filthy ba$tards.


Not me. I wear gloves whilst reading your posts, so I’m ok.


This is why I wash my hands before I take a whizz.


I’ve found the best thing is to get someone else to hold it for me.

Well actually a couple of people, but you know what I mean.


If I understand correctly, you are subtly inferring that you would give JoeDan and his sock a run for their money.


Curtly Ambrose is going to feature on Dancing With the Stars?

The actual fark?


I think I’d rather my current memory of Curtly remains intact. Thanks anyway.