Bizarre Events Thread


JFC @Zimmer!!


No stress at all mate, just dcking around. You’d have to agree it was a fairly abrupt change in tone!

I prefer my Blitz to lack the cold harsh reality of life.




Not sure how bizarre this is but I have a wedding tonight with a guest list of 1000 people.

And that’s AFTER around 450 RSVP’d NO


Some wine glasses gunna get dinged by forks tonight.


It’s pretty bizarre.
Where’s the venue, Hi-Sense?


They’re not Anglo-Celts, are they?


I banned that at our wedding.




Docklands somewhere


Woolshed or something??


It’s not ‘or something’ is it.


Not sure, let you know tonight when I manage to get through the crowd


8 bridesmaids

Surprised @stallion wasn’t invited


So are the bride and groom going to go around and say thank you to all of the tables?


I was trying to find a segue for this, but if they’re going to every table, they’ll need one…or two.


It took me a while but I got there. Truth be told I was about to hit send on a post to apologise for not getting it, despite reading it over and over and over very carefully. To thank you for the effort to post it and feeling bad that I didn’t get it given the work you put into it.
And then like a bolt from the blue I saw it. And it all made sense. Well played. Segue indeed.


Nice. Durry’s, drinks and a snack provided. The French really know the way to a man’s heart.


I hope so. I’m table 32 and still close to the table.


Who says I wasn’t?

I’m sitting with @Bomb_Doe and @Kj_11.