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Seems like a good egg.


So he went from being a player to Runner in one half of footy eh?


Clearly has pace.



and we bemoan our players going missing after half time


It may not be the most relevant descriptor, but I’m very glad they used it.


he wanted to be an outside midfielder, but police thought he’s better on the inside


He was so “outside” he was outside the gates!


not really that bizarre, more a pretty amazing effort by the 83 year old.


I reckon Noonan would do that.
And he’s way older than that guy.


and he’d given them a send off in Latin for good measure.


Va t’en!
Füchen sie off!


A 24-year-old has been hacked to death in a suspected ‘honour killing’ in India

Shireen Khalil,

September 18, 2018 5:10pm

A MAN has been hacked to death in a suspected ‘honour killing’ in India after marrying a woman from a higher caste.

An honour killing refers to a murder of a person by a family member motivated by a belief that the victim had brought “shame” to the family.

Many times, the victims are killed for marrying outside their caste or religion.

Pranay Kumar, 24, was murdered in front of his pregnant wife Amrutha Varshini, 23, outside a hospital near the city of Hyderabad on September 14.

The couple wed in January against the wishes of both families — Pranay was a Dalit Christian of the Mala caste (a lower caste) and Amrutha belonged to the Vaishya caste (a caste group categorised as Forward), The Sun reported.

The murder took place after the pair returned from a private hospital where Amrutha had undergone a check up. The pair, who have only been married nine months, were expecting their first child.

According to local reports, a man had attacked Pranay with a knife from behind, hitting him on the head, then again while he had collapsed to the ground.

The man, who was seen on CCTV, then fled the scene in a car.

Amrutha tried to stop the assault. She ran into the hospital to try and get help but Pranay succumbed to his injuries.

Tragic Pranay Kumar, pictured with wife Amrutha, who was killed in a horror machete attack. Source: The Sun

CCTV footage shows a man at the scene with a machete. Source: The Sun

According to the Gulf News, police have arrested Amrutha’s father and uncle in connection with her husband’s brutal death.

The Mirror reported that Pranay’s parents recently accepted the marriage and hosted a wedding reception for the couple on August 17 but Amrutha’s family wouldn’t accept the union.

Local media reports that some members of his family believe the gruesome murder was triggered by a wedding video Amrutha posted on Facebook.

It is understood that the two men involved were Amrutha’s father and uncle.

Amrutha told Gulf News that she believes her father and uncle are allegedly behind the murder.

“Let him be my father but I want him to be hanged for killing my husband. They have done it because Pranay loved me and married me,” she said.

Pranay was attacked from behind with a machete and died at the scene. Source: The Sun

“If I had not come to hospital my husband would be alive today”, she said. “When we were going together (to the hospital) somebody hit him. When he fell down, they killed him. I could not see who the killer was. But my father was planning to kill him and he was keeping an eye on our movements for a long time. My mother had warned (us) about his intentions”, Amrutha said.

According to The Mirror , police said they called Amrutha’s father into the station in March to question him about whether he planned to use violence against his son-in-law but he insisted he didn’t.

Deputy Superintendent of Police for Nalgonda Srinivas, who is investigating the case, told TNM: “I had my suspicions about the father and had warned the couple in August.

The couple married in January. Source: The Sun

“I suspected some untoward incident could happen as the issue was caste-related.

“When they held the reception in August, we gave out notices and had deployed a few police officers at the venue so that nothing bad happens.”

Police are tight-lipped about the role of Amrutha’s uncle in connection with the case and said the “investigation is progressing fast”.

In 2016, The Huffington Post revealed that honour killings reported in India increased by 796 per cent from 2014 to 2015 — the highest such crimes were in Uttar Pradesh, where 131 honour killings were reported.

Originally published as Man hacked to death in ‘honour killing’


The caste system is ■■■■■■ on so many levels. And devoid of honour


Wow. So many levels of farked up.


JFC Zimmer this thread is supposed to be for the lighter stuff


Fair enough. Not sure what JFC is, and there’s been no direction as to how to interpret the thread.

Actually, with all respect, the first article and OP was about a guy stealing an aeroplane to end his life.

You can see how I may have been confused, if I was.


Jesus Faerking Christ


Literally half of the posts in this thread are about a guy sticking 15 hard boiled eggs up his bot bot


Sorry Simmo. I’ll make sure to pull my head in. JFC.

Honestly, meant no offence with the post, or the response. I have followed the thread from the disturbing nature of the original interpretation of ‘bizarre’ though.

Anyroad. Carry on.


Eggs up bum progresses to machete attacks. ■■■■ just got real real.