BJ for B&F?

I hope this is the right place to post this but throughout this year, I am been super impressed with BJ's leadership, consistency and just out and out skill.....some of his in tight stuff goes unnoticed by many.


I think he will go close after Jobe missed 4, with Pig a smokey.


Now if he can persuade Del to cross over on a 2 year deal, that would be nice with the possibility of loss of DP's.


PS On behalf of my red n' black family and myself, just wanted to say to the whole Club from David and Paul down to the bootstudder, that despite all the noise from "them", thanks for a Bomber year on the paddock to be proud of.....our best result for 12 years with 14 wins.....hopefully 15 next week.


Your courage in the face of the world has been inspirational.

Close between Jobe and him.

Jobe easily, Pig second, maybe BJ third, Heppell will be up there.

Carlislie and Hooker were flying early season along with Dempsey and Bags is underrated.

People quickly forget the games where Jobe was carrying this team and none of the other midfielders stood up, including BJ.


1. Jobe       2. Hibberd     3. Heppell     4. Carlislie     5: Goddard
6. Hooker   7: Stanton    8: Zaharakis   9: Melksham    10:  Baguley    

I’d prefer to get win 15 in a fortnight… next week (unless Richmond pick up 2% today) is shaping as a dead rubber.

Beej has been great. A strong voice, a cool head. And he’s not a bad footballer either.

Him or Piggy for mine

Melksham might make a late run? Top 5 I reckon. Past 8 weeks would be high in votes each time

I reckon HIbber or Heppel will win. Jobe will be top 3. Melksham to come home with a rush.


Bags to get best clubman or young player award.

Hibberd has to be a very big chance.

Top 4 for mine is Watson, Hibberd, Heppell and Carlisle. Possibly BJ 5th in my opinion.

I’d have a few ahead of him, but he is a good chance for top three on weight of games played.

yep good call bj to win

Hibbo in a canter

Baguley a smokey? Think he has been brilliant this year.

Baguley a smokey? Think he has been brilliant this year.

Agree.  Along with Hibberd, those would be my two picks.

Watson, Goddard, Heppell and Hibbo. 


In any order, so yes, BJ is a real chance and would deserve it. 

The way our b&f is judged should have Goddard right up there.

Heppell will win it. Hibberd 2nd, BJ 3rd, Jobe 4th, Carlisle and Bags to fight for 5th spot.

I hope Hooker gets some recognition for the outstanding year he's had in the B&F.


I think BJ will win it for his consistency of performance, but Hooker has been just as good imo.


Hibberd would also be a worthy winner. Fantastic season.


My prediction:


1. Goddard

2. Watson

3. Hibberd

4. Heppell

5. Carlisle


Dempsey and Zaka will both be top 5 at the point their injuries struck.

I reckon Hooksy will be top 6. Has nailed his role this year and appears to do exactly what the coaches ask.

1. Goddard
2. Heppell
3. Hibberd
4. Jobe
5. Hooker/Carlisle