Blitz Best 22

By popular demand and with apologies to countless posters who make this place great. Just keep working on your game in the twos and you’ll get your chance…

… To be named line by line for dramatic affect and because you can’t @ more than 10 posters at a time apparently.


FB: @wimmera1 @Humble_Minion @Riolio

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HB: @Paul_Peos @westozziebomber @redbull


C: @theDJR @BakerWasAStar @Preliminary_Point2

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Foll: @Speedy_Gonzales @Henry_s_Angry_Pills @Finding_Nino

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HF: scorch @benfti @saladin

FF: @Windy_Dill @fogdog @willie_dick

INT: @Darli @aboods @barnz @Saucy

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EMG: @jackie_mihocek @Knackers @MattPocock18 @sandbelt

BP - Wim - veteran medium sized defender who is capable of handling the big guys when required, not afraid to give a clip to the youngsters who have him covered for pace these days.

FB - HM - incredibly reliable key defender with the creativity and precision to match his ability to repel wave after wave of crap in the climate change thread

BP - rioli - use to be a prolific ball winner but has settled into an incredibly important role later in his career, just holds the defence together and makes sure everything works like it should. His contribution can go easily unnoticed

BF - peos - doesn’t like to mess around and over possess the pill, likes to play fast and direct, known for his sudden and scintillating interventions though some wish he’d find a bit more of the pill at times

CHB - WOB - imposing, revered, slightly unpredictable, you don’t want to be sitting underneath a high one with him bearing down on you.

BF - redbull - mr fix it, can do any job thrown at him and do it well. Has a spreadsheet detailing every single job he’s ever been asked to do.

W - dJR - traditional hard running end to end winger with a prodigious tank. It feels like the ball follows him around at times, particularly in the vfl threads

C - bws - a no frills contributor who’s not as flashy as some but is very smart with ball in hand, knows how to find it and has a good solid work rate. My kind of centre man

W - pp2 - like dJR he can run all day on the wing but spreads himself around the ground a little more, bobbing up where needed, probably a better player than he gets credit for

RK - speedy - fantastic work rate, makes sure he gets to every contest and does the under appreciated heavy lifting of cutting and pasting ever little bit of efc media content he can find. I believe he’s also tall so he kinda of picks himself here

R - hap - tagger, follows you around everywhere arguing the toss and annoying the hell out of you but keeping you honest at the same time. Every team needs one

RR - Nino - picked here for obvious reasons, we love you Nino

HFF - scorch - promises a lot, but flighty, never really delivers, being picked on potential at the moment.

CHF - Benfti - some will be surprised with this selection and will think he should be named in the forward pocket, fact is he’s too farking tall to play there, but he plays CHF like a farking millionaire with all the panache of the forward pocket he is at heart.

HFF - sal - just oozes class, he’s the man we want delivering the ball inside 50, never misses a target and often sees something everyone else has missed

FP - windydil - another Blitzer with height who picks him self as the third tall forward relief ruck. He’s not a genuine ruck mind you because he doesn’t believe in playing two rucks. Nevertheless he applies himself well to everything he does and though he might go missing at times he’ll show up just when we need him to.

FF - fog - fan favourite leading goal kicker who probably hasn’t hit the score board as much in recent years, but you can still feel the excitement in the crowd everytime he goes near it, especially at this time of year.

FP - Willie ■■■■ - will be quiet all day and will then absolutely burn the joint down in the blink of an eye. Respected and valued but judged harshly at times


DARLI - heart and soul, keeper of the fabric, will give it to you right between the eyes if you need to hear a few home truths but then give you a cuddle. Missed

Barnz & aboods - keeps the coach on his toes with constant good natured banter but who can also plug and play anywhere on the ground.

Saucy - not sure where his best spot is yet but has been known to give the coach a good idea or two


Knackers Jackie mattP sandbelt

Probably do their best work over preseason but that doesn’t go unnoticed, always ready to play their role when needed


it’s fine, i hate it here anyway


saucy must be seething scorch is named on field.


ease up gumby


What an honour! Thanks @ivan

Just giving the people what they want. Effective hit outs of EFC content.

Ruck is also very appropriate for me as a vertically superior individual.

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I’m Stants, I’ll take it. Don’t mind a cheeky dart either.




Oh ■■■■, just realised this is on the trades board should be in the hanger. Can it be moved?

Indeed it can

Honour to be selected.

@Windy_Dill as the second ruck is glorious.

I would have plonked Stallion in that forward line, but that was pretty amusing overall.