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Posted a pic of my project Datsun elsewhere, but I’ve also just finished another long term goal of a marine/reef aquarium. Built most everything myself, including the tank itself, and factoring the location and size into a new house build means it’s now a cool feature of the home, and not a “fishtank in the corner”.

And now that’s done, the Datto might get some attention :sunglasses:


Lovely. I had a 1600 back in the day, engine was fried so I popped in a 2 litre (Peter) bluebird engine with dual Webers, as was the style of the time.

Pro tip: do not get pulled over doing 120 in a 60 zone on your P plates. You’ll have to sell your Datsun 1600 to pay for enormous fines, lawyers fees and 12 months of bus tickets.


The amount of times I lost my licence back in the day, mostly speeding related, is lost to memory.

I should point out, licence losing was never a hobby as such, more just an inconvenient way to pass the time :smile:


I learnt to drive in that model Datsun, that was 50 years ago. I was a bit disappointed that a Toyota Corolla wasn’t available. When they said it was going to be a Datsun, l pictured it being an anemic Datsun 1000. Then the 1600 rolled up, woohoo. As for my licence, l have had one speeding ticket, ever, and that was on an interstate highway in 1988. Never lost a demerit point. Are points still a thing? Back later with more.

Wow! That’s fantastic. A brilliant feature. Congrats. No trouble finding Nino.
@Finding_Nino would love this I’m sure.