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Posted a pic of my project Datsun elsewhere, but I’ve also just finished another long term goal of a marine/reef aquarium. Built most everything myself, including the tank itself, and factoring the location and size into a new house build means it’s now a cool feature of the home, and not a “fishtank in the corner”.

And now that’s done, the Datto might get some attention :sunglasses:


Lovely. I had a 1600 back in the day, engine was fried so I popped in a 2 litre (Peter) bluebird engine with dual Webers, as was the style of the time.

Pro tip: do not get pulled over doing 120 in a 60 zone on your P plates. You’ll have to sell your Datsun 1600 to pay for enormous fines, lawyers fees and 12 months of bus tickets.


The amount of times I lost my licence back in the day, mostly speeding related, is lost to memory.

I should point out, licence losing was never a hobby as such, more just an inconvenient way to pass the time :smile:


I learnt to drive in that model Datsun, that was 50 years ago. I was a bit disappointed that a Toyota Corolla wasn’t available. When they said it was going to be a Datsun, l pictured it being an anemic Datsun 1000. Then the 1600 rolled up, woohoo. As for my licence, l have had one speeding ticket, ever, and that was on an interstate highway in 1988. Never lost a demerit point. Are points still a thing? Back later with more.

Wow! That’s fantastic. A brilliant feature. Congrats. No trouble finding Nino.
@Finding_Nino would love this I’m sure.

It begins…


I see you have a blow rag nearby.

Have fun.

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Now thats a Michael Keaton Batman logo on that box.

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That tank is fantastic, great job.

This one looks real nice in the store.

We (my son) doesn’t collect this theme, so we (I) haven’t bought it.

Lego is great, but annoying that people collect it to keep in the box. FFS just open it.


I’ve had it for a while but opened it cause I need a bit of distraction. There’s a lot to be had. My bums already sore.

This one’s about to be retired. I chose between the Batmobile and this, and I’m still not sure if I made the right decision. The Batmobiles been retired. You can find it on line but they’ve doubled in price.

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We have the off road looking Batmobile, which is a pretty decent build. But there’s also the angry Anderson GRAND final pregame looking one.

We) just got the new delorean. It’s really nice, probably one of the best kits I’ve seen.

You’ve got the tumbler by the sounds. Just all so bloody expensive, oh to have shares.

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I think you’re assembling it incorrectly. Try doing it on a table top or something. Sheesh!


Brave man who’s stepped on a bit of Lego and thought… “yeah… that hurts… but also…”

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That is some very satisfying plumbing work on the back end of the tank there

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Yeah one of my kids spends every spare cent on it plus always asking for it as a gift, and particularly through covid, we just thought ‘fark if’ let’s not just be miserable while we’re stuck at home.

But we literally are at capacity now. And probably once they get a boy/girl friend it’ll be put in storage.

I can take it everywhere I go

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My brother-in-law’s eldest spent his mid-late teens making stop-motion lego animations and posting them on youtube. Got stacks of views and made himself upwards of $50k out of it. Didn’t seem to do his social life any harm…