Blitz Metalhead Thread

I used to like Machine Head but i can’t stand Robb Flynn any more


Coz he’s a 50 year old who acts like a rebellious teenager

And he spells Rob with two b’s. Total douche


New Opeth in the writing stage confirmed. Metal? Certainly was…


I have a question to ask and thought that this would be the most appropriate thread to ask it so here goes…

I just finished listening to “Roots” by Sepultura for the first time. It has a heap of good reviews and yet I found it to be one of the worst albums I can remember listening to.

(for some background, my favourite genres are rock/heavy metal)

Can anyone explain to me why it is so highly rated?

Beneath The Remains, Arise & Chaos AD were quality thrash albums. I think Roots went in a more nu-metal direction as a lot of bands did in the late 90’s early 2000’s.
Not my favourite either, but probably catered to a larger audience….im guessing of course


Came out before the nu metal explosion and was huge. Doesn’t have a lot of replay value now. Prefer the live stuff on disc 2

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This album 10/10

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Agree, everything from 1 to 12 is magnificent. They are my favourite band so I am biased!!

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They peaked at Jester Race.


Came in at number 18 best nu-metal albums of all time (Loudwire)

The thrash stuff they did earlier was 1000 times better

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It’s almost like a different band to post 2000 stuff


Underrated album in the grand scheme of things. Don’t think there’s any tracks I would skip over when giving it a listen.

Gets lost in the discussion of great metal albums, trapped under the weight of how poorly In Flames have done post-RtR