Blitz Player Sponsorships for 2019 - checking for interest!


greetings all!

Given the amazing response from people last season, I’m assuming people are keen to continue sponsoring some players in 2019.

What we need to figure out is whether we want to try to continue with the same four players (Walla, Long, Begley and Lavender) or if we want to change to all new players, or keep some and get some newbies!

The price has gone up to $995 per player - it’s a similar package to last year, but has added a sponsorship of a Tiwi Bombers player for 2019.

So we also need to be realistic about whether we can aim for four players again, or perhaps just aim for three and then see how we go? It would be 20 Blitzers each contributing $50 to raise the funds for each sponsorship, so therefore 60 Blitzers for three players, 80 Blitzers for four players.

If we do want to keep any of the players we sponsored in 2018, we need to let the club know soon, so give me an indication of your thoughts below, and we’ll revisit the topic later this week!



Aim for 5, keep the current Boyz and bring in the Mozzie !

I am in for whatever my Blitz Queen desires.




I’m in again, I do like our current selection, but Mozzie would be popular and @DJR will be on the Draper campaign trail.

Perhaps run a separate poll for each slot each time we hit a multiple of 20 sponsors.

Ignore me if I am getting ahead of myself (or repeating how it’s worked in the past) @koala , l can’t remember exactly how it was done previously, and no doubt you’ve got it sorted.



Same suggestion as last year - I’d like to suggest we include whoever has been on the list the longest without a sponsor or without one for a few years.

It would be nice for them to know they are as much loved by the fans as the more popular ones. It would make them feel good, and by heck we should feel good as well.


I’m in again. Thanks.

Happy to keep the same players but also like Doe’s suggestion to spread the love.


Count me in. I don’t mind who we sponsor - they’re all stars in my book.


I’m in

Thanks Koala… once again.

New players, put them all up for re-election


In again, and happy to do the same guys, but I suppose we could also look at backing a newer guy who wouldn’t get the headlines - maybe someone like Gown?


I’m in - happy to do whatever the majority wants… agree it would be nice to support either a newbie or other player struggling for sponsorship - but just happy to be involved whatever happens.


Me too, I’m in


I’m back in K. I would prefer any players whose names start with Dar, Dyl, Dys, Dav, Dev or Irv.


Yes please. We’re in.
Me and Mrs SiMFiR makes two.


Yep, I’m in.

I’d like to keep Tippa as we have been with him since he started (and before) with VFL.


I’m in


Yes for me.


thanks heaps for the replies so far!

the more people can let me know whether they want to:

  1. go with all the same players again
  2. go with all new players
  3. go with some of the same and some new
  4. some other option!

it will help working out what actions to take! Like I said, we have to let the club know soon if we want to keep any of the same players - there is a limit in place on how many sponsors each player can have, so if we hold off too long on making a decision, we might miss out on keeping some!!


I would assume that Walla is the most urgent decision, according to the EFC website he has 6 sponsors, and possibly Fridge, who has 4 sponsors, Lavender has 3 sponsors, and Long has 2.

Draper only has one sponsor, “The Don Drapers” who have him covered, I would also imagine, Mozzie will be snapped up pretty quickly.


Walla isn’t a decision… he is a formality.