Blitz Player Sponsorships for 2019 - checking for interest!


Draper should be given very strong consideration.

Extremely important to our future and probably not on the radar of normal supporters.


I’m in and am happy to go with the majority.

However if I am picking one of the 4 options, I like the No. 3 option.


I’m in again. Thanks for organizing, @Koala. I’m not at all fussed and will be happy to go with the majority on which players we sponsor.


Back in. Happy to go with the general consensus.


I’d be happy with Lavender.


Yeah I’m in again thanks koala. Happy to go with the flow in terms of players.


At a quick squiz of the website, the only players with no one sponsoring them (unsurprisingly) are the 6 newbies, Shiel, Mozzie, Gown, Ham, ZClarke and Jok.

Some players are listed as having “supporters” or supporter groups as their sponsors - is this the same thing as regular sponsors? - eg. Baguley.

Otherwise the players with only one sponsor amongst the not new players: Guelfi, Ridley, Zerk, Redman, Draper, Mynott, and McNiece.

Surprising Francis only has 2 sponsors.


I’m back in for 2019.


I’m happy to go again


I’m in again thanks K. Prefer option 3.


i’m in again. will go with whoever is picked


I’m happy to go again!


I gave up on you hopeless bastardos doing the right thing already, and am one of the “Don Drapers” (yes, my suggested name) mentioned above.

I am in favour of Blitz picking the poor buggers who may not get picked at all (which was the trigger for that Draper sponsorship; he was one of several with no sponsor after the season had begun). Sorry TIPPA.


I’m in again and vote for all new players.


I’m in and would double if needed.
Would not like to see any players without a sponsor.


Happy with majority decision


I’ll be in again.
Agree it’s important that all players have at least one sponsor- we might need to think about including one of the less likely newbies - Ham or Zlarke
(How Draper missed out last year I’ll never know)


I’m in, provided we make the correct decision and sponsor Irving.

4 times. Just Irving.


I’m in the game here.
Happy to go with who ever, but I’m a fan of Mutch and want him to make the grade.


Ha, Mutch had something like seven sponsors last year. I think he “won” that contest.