Blitz Player Sponsorships for 2019 - checking for interest!


There are a lot of people up my way that would love to see Kobe succeed.


I feel that.


I am all over this.

Why not got all in and sponsor one player (Irv) at a higher level of sponsorship?

Every year of the past 10 or whatever we have split our sponsorships because we have not had enough money to do anything else,

This year, we should have around $5K which will get Blitz better exposure and concentrate our efforts on Mozzie (…err a single player).

If we don’t fill up the $5K (or whatever it costs), I am sure that there are plenty of Blitzers happy to make up the difference - me included.

At that level you get two tickets to just about everything including the Crichton so I suggest Koala gets one ticket to everything (I mean really, nothing happens without K), and we have a ballot for the other goodies!

Irving Mosquito people. A unique opportunity.

The last time I felt like this I convinced a mate to sponsor Gavin Wanganeen.


I’m in again.

And happy to put in a bit more than usual if we go the higher sponsorship level.


you’re a sweetheart!

I kind of like having multiple sponsorships though as it gives more Blitzers an opportunity to go to the Sponsor Night. And it shares the love among more players :heart_eyes:


I have no idea how all of this works, however, I am keen to contribute in any way. I thought Doe’s original suggestion was a good one, but am happy to go with the flow. If there are any benefits (special room access, etc), can I transfer those to a family member (as I am based in Japan)? Cheers & top work, Koala.


yes, I should have included more access to the Sponsor Room at home games at Etihad Marvel for Blitzers too! Met some lovely people this year :slight_smile:


really?? But I never went.


Can I ask what the sponsorship money actually goes to? I know it’s in the name of a player, but practically?


Yep. I haven’t timed my Melbourne visits right yet, but I am very keen to catch up and say hello.

Book me in for a couple of spots in round 20 and/or 21. (Yeah, I have to plan these things early to make them happen).


it’s a fundraiser for the club, and I assume it would fall under one of the revenue streams - I haven’t studied the annual report closely enough! I’m assuming none of it could actually go to the players as it would fall under salary cap?

but of course it gives the players that warm fuzzy feeling of being appreciated too :smiley:


Heather hopped in occasionally :stuck_out_tongue:


was just chatting with the lovely Luke who is our player sponsorship contact at the club, and he confirmed Mr Mosquito has had some interest from sponsors but there are still spots available.

Just saying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


(Don) Draper and (Jon) Ham should be paired together. Only mad men would agree.


Honestly @Koala, if you want to sponsor Mosquito, then just tell them that we will.

Nobody will begrudge you calling shotgun on one of the selections.


I’me in again, would like to see us support Houlihan.


Count me in for whatever’s needed.
Would be nice to have young Mozzie in there.


the true answer is pokies.


Haha. I’m in


so it’s a mixed bunch of thoughts so far! What I’m leaning towards is us staying with Walla, picking up Mozzie, then depending on how many people are interested, also picking up a couple of other players that don’t have sponsors yet. Does that sound ok with people?