Blitz Player Sponsorships for 2019 - checking for interest!


Never been a sponsor before. I better stop being a tightarse. Count me in this year.


Great… lock it in.

Vote 1 : Sam Draper.


There is already a group of us that sponsors Sam.


But we’ll take on extras if you truly ruly insist :slight_smile:


We should sponsor D Myers, no other current player has given blitz so much.


The Don Drapers II


I will go in again and I am happy to go with option 3. I like the idea of us sponsoring the players with few sponsors (+ #22)


I’m in again. Wouldn’t mind Draper being included.


thanks everyone for the responses! I’ve contacted the club, and locked in Walla and Mozzie for 2019. I’ve let them know we’ll hopefully be sponsoring a couple of others, and that I’ll get back in contact early next year to check which players are yet to have sponsors :slight_smile:

I’ll start a new thread in late January to get definite numbers for 2019.

also, as DJR mentioned, there are a small group of Blitzers who formed The Don Drapers this year - we have one spot left in that group for 2019 if anyone would like to join - if so, send me a PM!


I’m in. On the Tiwi Train!


Happy to go again


I’m Happy to sponsor any player - if the Draper spot is still available - I’ll take that one.



Where did you find the list on the website? Everything I found was a dead link!


Is that WolfGang?


How much per person?


Looks like Koala is aiming for $50 to participate.


Count me in.
Not worried if we go with the same players.



Count me in thanks.
Like to go with all new players.


I’m in. Thanks


Bomberbelle has asked to be included again too.