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See that XL Carbon Fatbike on Bicycle Market? It’s my size :heart_eyes:

How much I want it is directionally proportionate to how much I don’t need it.


I am such a wuss, few days of rain and I crumbled and bought an indoor trainer. Question, there is a bolt that needs to be changed on the back wheel when using on the trainer, is it OK for that to just saty in all the time? and does taking out the original bolt mess up the alignment?


Most trainers will come with a specific axle which is rounded to fit into the trainer. But it’s probably a worse quality or heavier than the one usually in your wheel so I wouldn’t use it all the time.


Been Averaging 250km a week for the last 6 months. Had my new GIANT TCR for the last month just makes me want to ride!

Longest ride 175km…do a mixture of road and indoor rides when its raining!


Trainer bolt might be a bit longer also. But yes only use it in the trainer, then put normal bolt back. Also consider having an old rear wheel with the trainer bolt in it and cheap or old tyre just to use on the trainer. Then you only change your rear wheel, not your bolt - and don’t wear good rear tyre on the trainer.


I saw this @Riolio and thought of you. Free standing which is interesting. Only 27,000 Yen.

Did you find anything?


Ooh that’s nice. But I’m trying to keep the floor clear…


Unfortunately a participant in the Trans Am bike race has been Killed…pretty numb feeling again today!


…maybe those races aren’t a great idea?


I think you take the same risk whatever time place ride race you do on a bike…lets just wait and see the full story…

with or with out high vis lights strangeley enough the statistics are the same…that in itself gives you an idea of the size of problem that exists!


I’ve been working on a free standing bike rack for a while - prototype looks good I think. Works well, just roll-on / roll-off.

Apologies for droopy sash


You made that @Kay_Eff_See?


Yep, the rack not the bike. More work calculating all the design curves than the wood working.


Clocked over 50,000km on the Trek (3.7 years).
Original brifters, derailleurs & cranks/rings
2nd set of wheels
2nd saddle (ignoring the rubbish one that came with it)


I do worry that people ride to the point of exhaustion that they lose the ability to ride safely.
Of course that might have nothing to do with the two deaths this year.


I hear a lot of people get problems with Zipp’s but I’ve done 12k on mine without a hitch.


And you wouldn’t have the smoothest roads to ride either.


I’m not the heaviest rider or most demanding on my gear though…


I wouldn’t go carbon wheels myself, but I don’t race.
I’ve gone for wheels that I can ride every day. Wet or dry, good for climbing and I can use on a gravel bash without worrying about them. That’s why I stayed with alloy and gone for a 23mm wide rim.


If I come down for ‘Around the Bay’ should I go for the 250km option?