Blitz Probe Cycling


On the subject of underwear and bike specific clothing I have never seen the need for it. Instead I have a very good seat (and undies), 35mm tyres and a cro mo (steel) frame which is forgiving compared to the rigidity of an aluminium or carbon frame. I’m not going to win any races but after 50 years of riding bikes this is my preferred setup for recreational riding.


Cause I don’t ride far I ride with undies underneath. And can reuse bibs.
But for long rides understand can be more comfortable without them… or less chance
You will get chafing from undies cutting in.

I’ve only just started running with no undies as the shorts have liners in them. It’s so much better than having sweaty undies and reduces chafing to zero.

For saddle soreness you will get used to it. I wouldn’t ride everyday while you are sore just every second day. Once you ride a bit a road bike seat is more comfortable than a mountain bike seat.


The “bike specific clothing” that I favour is jeans with a bit of stretch, and a jacket with a couple of nice cycling specific features that doesn’t look out of place off the bike.

Can quite easily get off the bike and walk straight to a work meeting.


Really depends how far you ride, I guess. <10km you can get away with anything.
Saddle sores are no fun, and I generally ride well over 300km per week, so padded shorts are a must for me.


So I went to check this (2019 Kona Dew) out yesterday and took one home. Just been out for a hoon and it’s so much fun. Components are OK but not flash, it’s only a $1,000 bike. Where it shines is the frame and fork combo along with the fat road tyres. The bike is so nippy around the backstreets over gutters and shorcuts across the park or dirt which is very much my style of riding. The shortish 70mm headstem gives it fast steering response but that’s somewhat tempered by the mellowish 70 deg head angle.

I highly recommend this bike if you’re in the market for a flat bar short distance commuter or just a bit of fun.


Been comparing that at the Marin nicasio RC (similar$, 650b tyres, steel frame). Of course I probably can’t justify the $$$ when my current bike has no real issues beyond being old.


Those Marins look very nice. I didn’t really “need” a new bike but the one I’m replacing has been around for about 12 years and it’s never been quite right. It will get trashed by my son.


It’s over 35 years since I came off a bike so I was probably due for something dumbass and freaky.

Unfortunately like Froome I am out of TDF this year. Embarrassing clip-stack while stationary - stopped to look at map on mobile phone. Fell over, broke hip - needed Ambulance and SES Search & Rescue extraction from the bush, then surgery - the full catastrophe.

Will be a quiet winter. A better performance from a certain football club would be appreciated.


Bugger, hope you recover soon!


Far out. Fingers crossed for a quick recovery.


Thats terrible news, lucky/unlucky you had your phone.
I often wonder how much damage you could do on concrete with a clip stack.
My friend fractured her wrist when she crashed turning around a cone at a triathlon and she was barely moving.
my last fall was stupidly trying to go round some cars on the side of the road as not sure if they were pulling out or not. (and i was on the wrong side of the road as metres away from a bike path), and went into gravel on the edge of the road and went straight down. my ego took a hit as the bloke in the car laughed.