Blitz Watch Along - ANZAC Day 2000 8PM tonight - 4 the price of 1 Edition, 2009,1995,2001 Fox Footy Today

Next up for the time machine is Collingwood.

Next friday 8pm. Polls close 5.30

As per normal please blur spoilers for listed games.

  • Round 19 1990
  • ANZAC Day 1999
  • ANZAC Day 2000
  • ANZAC Day 2001
  • ANZAC Day 2013

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A reminder

  • Start playing at 8pm sharp
  • Post and react as if you are watching live
  • No jumping ahead with spoilers
  • Pause at the end of each qtr
  • @theDJR to provide time stamp and resume times
  • Have fun.

2000 for me. Any excuse to see the 2000 side.

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1999 is close enough too.

i actually don’t remember Anzac Day 2000. I remember 2001. But no recollection of 2000.

Only one valid answer here. The 1990 game is the equivalent of round 20 in 2000 vs Fark Carlton, or round 16 in 2001 vs Norf. Is epic.

Massive crowd out at Waverley (I think it was moved there mid-season as Vic Park or Windy Hill were grossly insufficient for the interest), and the game did not disappoint. Amazing ending.



NO. I must stay strong.


Come on, has to be 1999 when we finally beat the Filth on ANZAC day.


Surely all games chosen are winning games??

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2013 seems like an interesting year. I think we should view that one.

Great game and a massive win

I only didn’t vote for it because like Davo my memory of 2000 is scratchy and yeah any excuse to watch that 2000 side run around.

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Early voting suggests its going to be another close vote.

DJRs plea has lifted 90 in the voting. Three way race early

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Couple of quick votes for 2013 and its a small lead

2013 jobeys goal


arnt too many options to choose from for the last 15 years, ffs

god we suck on Anzac day


Yeah, the research was depressing

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So can get ■■■■■■ off at what a wasted talent Cupido was


1990 is also famous for its battle between the two wingmen who dominated that year: Darren “0.322” Millane and Greg Anderson.

It features a Sheedy master move when Peter Cransberg is moved to a position that I don’t think he ever repeated, despite it being a clear success.

The closing minutes are INSANE pressure and heroism (yeah, I’m spoiling it as a close game. Sue me).