Blitz Watch Along - Week 4 vs Adelaide RD14 1995

After a very long trip to 1965 the time machine will need a service before next fridays crows game.

As per normal 8PM start and Polls close at 5.30PM.

Keep your posts spoiler free or use the blur feature if you’re discussing a game up for vote

  • Round 4 1991
  • Round 14 1995
  • Round 1 2013

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And were off to 1995

A reminder of our slightly tweeked rules

  • Post as if you were watching live
  • No spoilers
  • watch room opens 7.30 (link will be provided)
  • stream starts at 8
  • Breaks 10 mins
  • watch for @theDJR s post for the time he will restart the stream
  • Have some fun

A vote for 1991 for me.

Its a late windy hill game and i haven’t seen many of them.

I assume you mean Windy Hill game.

Fixed :smiley:

I have zero memory of those first two games, without any hints.

I have vague memory of 95. But went for 1991 because I’ve never seen it.

I was with Mrs Wim (who was bravely wearing a Crows jumper) at the game, so '91 gets the tick from me.

Well I have the full 1995 game on my drive but only highlights for 1991. So 1991 it is from me.

The presence of those files probably means we won, but I’m not spoilering myself.

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l would have been living and working in Thailand in 1995, and doubt that the game was broadcast there, so l doubt muchly that l have ever seen it, and voted for it.

Where is the Princess Diana game at Princes Park? That was a good one.

Spoiler: she didn’t make it


HAAAAAARVEY. Best send-off ever.


if the watch alongs have show me anything, the pre 2000s footy wasn’t that great.

i can’t remember the first 2 games

no 1993 prelim final?


that would be good as I missed the second half due to TV coverage changing from footy to cover princess diana.

Had to listen to the second half on the radio.

I’d be happy with 2007 Rd 1 as well

Meh to common we all know what happens

Searched for that. Unavailable

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Incorrect. Nineties footy was the greatest; skills were up, and it was still a game of individual contests.


95 takes an early lead in the polls.

Got excited when i started to research this weeks games a few weeks back then i found out most full uploads are from crows channels and all of our footy park rinsings are on there including the one by about 25 goals from 2006.