Blitzers helping blitzers in covid-19

If there is another thread on this that I haven’t seen please gurge.

After a Nackers report where it became clear that for all his good blitz work, business life behind the scenes has been difficult with covid-19, it has become apparent that maybe there is an opportunity to plug your business.

It’s a tough time so we could all do will some help, and you just don’t know who is looking for what.

I’d kick this off, but I’m in niche sales and really have nothing to add.

I should add that if Nackers goes down, so does his training reports!



Hi Nev. I know you didn’t say, but I’m interested to know what niche sales area you’re in, and is it your own business?

Hi Glu,

I’ve had my own gig in the past, but my current role is as a local BDM for a company called Glaukos.

They a USA start-up company that created a completely new market and new approach in the treatment of a sight threatening disease called Glaucoma. It’s basically a step between drops and invasive surgery, but without the complications of either - just starting to become a mainstream treatment option these last 3 years.

Less a sales gig really and more training and support, because it is genuinely a win-win for surgeons, patients, Glaukos and the Gov’m (cost of care decreases with reduction of morbidly longer term). They also have a portfolio that I now look after Aus wide for treating people with Keratoconus, another potentially sight threaten and progressive disease.

Good, gig and good company that looks after its people - I (and the rest of Glaukos employees) have been very fortunate over the last 12 months.

Would love to hear from some other Blitzer’s that could use a hand to support their businesses…


@nackers business

Accomodation rentals, mainly short term athough some times longer. We just had the guys that ran the DRS system at the cricket leave today after 2 months in Melbourne.

In March within 2 days we went from strong reliable business to having $65,000 pm fixed expenses and zero income. That was some fun times.

After an incredibly difficult lockdown (including being beaten up by some French guys having an illegal party the day after moving in on a 5 month lease) we manged to just scrape through. Now with the recent border closures all bookings from interstate in the last 3 weeks have cancelled with no new interstate bookings. Winter looks incredibly bleak, I don’t know how we’ll get through it with the current state government policies (or all tourism and hospitality related businesses in the whole CBD area for that matter).

If we have to close I have no idea what I would do but I most likely wouldn’t be able to get to training.

We have 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments and a 7 bedroom mansion in St Kilda.
Here’s an example of one of our apartments, a 3 bedroom penthouse on Flinders Street.

10% off all published prices for Blitzers and their friends.
Sorry for the little advertising spiel, but any help would be most appreciated.


@nackers If you have a link for Blitzers to view your rentals, that would be great.


That looks epic! And the good news is that you’d be able to beat me up when I have my illegal party.

Jokes aside @nackers, I hope you get back on track really quickly.


Hey thanks guys, this is a great idea. today leading into Australia day (whoops January 26 celebrations) is however very busy, I’ll get onto it later tonight.

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Hope things turn around for you soon nackers. I’m not likely to get to Melbourne any time soon but if I hear of any friends or family heading there I’ll be sure to suggest your places!

Don’t forget to include the name of your business!


Do any have Tennis Courts? Asking for a friend.


Hi Novak :joy:

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definitely no mice.

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I’m pretty sure we already had a thread for this (absent the COVID tag)…

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