Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police



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Victoria police raid house of Essendon great Mark ‘Bomber’ Thompson
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EXCLUSIVE — ESSENDON great Mark ‘Bomber’ Thompson has had his home raided as part of a wideranging Victoria Police investigation.

Police successfully executed a search warrant for the AFL great’s property in Port Melbourne on Friday, can reveal.

It’s believed police spent several hours at Thompson’s home, from 9.30am stretching into the afternoon.

Victoria Police confirmed to they searched a property owned by a 54-year-old man on Friday January 5. It’s understood that man is Bombers’ premiership captain Thompson.

Officials would not reveal what the purpose of their search was.

Victoria Police said no charges have been laid following the raid and Thompson did not return calls when contacted by

Thompson’s current whereabouts is unknown.

Last March Thompson pocketed $7 million after selling his stake in a farming property at Armstrong Creek.

In April, Thompson conceded the Essendon drug saga will “probably end up killing” him following the breakdown of his marriage to his second wife Jana.

Thompson, who was Bombers’ assistant coach at the time, and later replaced James Hird at the helm, was fined $30,000 for his role in the saga.

“It just sits in my guts and churns and it still does and it’s going to probably end up killing me because I can’t let it go,” Thompson said at a Law Institute of Victoria event on drugs in sport.
“People tell me I’ve got to let it go, but I can’t.

“I don’t like the game anymore, I don’t want to work in the AFL system, I don’t want to associate with people. I’m sorry, but that’s the way it is.”

Thompson played 202 matches for Essendon from 1983 to 1996, winning three premierships with the club under Kevin Sheedy’s coaching.

He coached Geelong for 260 matches from 2000 to 2010, before leading Essendon in the 2014 season.


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Essendon great, no Geelong Premiership winning coach?


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Also the AFL probably wants to distance itself from any potential scandal involving premierships.

Also, Days without an Essendon scandal 0.


Just saw the 7 news excerpt. Named him Essendon Great, and all pictures of him in Bombers gear, not one association or mention of Geelong.

This somewhat angered me.


Interestingly, The Age opens up their story with “Former Geelong premiership coach”


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