Bomber Thompson's House Raided by Police

Sincerely hope he’s ok.


Still a bomber legend so hopefully he can work through his troubles and get back to enjoying life again.

I’m not sure where he and the club are at at the moment but hopefully he can get some enjoyment out of the direction the club is going in.

Clear air.


I bet Bomber was nonchalantly eating a sandwich during the entire raid.


In all honesty though, id be shocked if it had anything to do with supps scandal. I have thoughts about what it could be but won’t speculate as instructed.


Clearly he had a stash of crispy cream doughnuts in his home…

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Two of Essendons greats.

Hirdy and now reading about bomber and his family breakdown and nondoubt somewhat related police trouble.

Respect Bombers exile. He seems to have gone a bit luke skywalker.

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Bomba kissed his sister? Geez no wonder he’s in hiding.

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Just a sore ankle. Ankle sore…

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its the flu…the windy hill flu

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No speculation from me. l await more information, that is all l know, and all l need to know. I respect Bomber a great deal and l also respect his desire to be left alone. The article takes a few cheap shots, as we would expect, tenuous links are made to past events, a dodgy effort at best.


I’m certain he’d like to see the players do well but I’ve been a little concerned about Bomber for a while now. Aside from the millions he made at Armstrong’s Creek, not much has gone right for him the past 5 or so years. I’m not sure he’s been on great terms with the club for quite a while now.


millions…no doubt his ex wife has.

they suck the life out of you.

there is probably a pretty simple explanation if you think about it. feel for him

and no need to speculate its anything more sinister…otherwise a whole group of other cops would be involved.


What we’ve known for a long time is Bomber is monumentally angry with the AFL for finding him guilty when he was absolutely not. Great champions don’t like being called cheats or getting the disrepute label. He’s also admitted he’s not dealing with it too well.
We also know the story will get twisted to reconfirm how guilty we all were.


What’s wrong with them mentioning Essendon?

My instant association with Bomber is Essendon, not Geelong. Are you guys different?


Yep, it’s a real shame.

Time apparently heals all wounds so in time I hope both James and Bomber can come back to the club.

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I agree.

In this situation it’s hardly relevant anyway.

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That’s exactly what I’d expect one of Liz Lukin’s cronies to say.


Legend. Best wishes to him.


Only when it suits me.